Can You Use an Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss & Belly Fat?

infrared sauna weight loss cellulite fat loss

Can you lose weight and burn belly fat inside an infrared sauna, or do you just sweat out some water, as some people claim? Do you actually burn calories, and reduce cellulite? This post contains affiliate links. Click here to read my affiliate policy. There seems to be a weird controversy over losing weight via … Read more

Can an Infrared Sauna Boost Your Immune System?

prevent viral infections infrared sauna

Can infrared sauna treatments boost your immune system to help ward off viruses and prevent a viral infection? Witn new viruses and antibiotic-resistant bacteria keep popping up every year, boosting your immune system and overall vitality is the most powerful way to protect yourself from this highly infectious virus, and the quickest way to heal … Read more

Far Infrared Sauna Benefits & Results (9 Before & After Stories)

far infrared sauna before and after benefits results

In 2020, I truly hope most people already know about the amazing (and proven) benefits of infrared light therapy and far infrared saunas: Detox through sweating (7 times more than a traditional sauna!) Weight loss(yes! it’s proven!) – see proof for using an infrared sauna for weight loss! Skin anti-aging Fast pain relief (and long-term … Read more