(Last updated: July 2017)

I think you’ll agree when I say:

Your health is the best use for your hard-earned money.

If we’re not healthy, we can’t enjoy our life fully anyway.


I believe that this doesn’t mean we have to pay the highest price for our health-promoting products.

This is why I’ve created this ever-updating discount page for all infrared light therapy products on Amazon (and more).

You’ll find the current discounts and sale prices for the top quality infrared heating pads, infrared heaters, infrared saunas and infrared LED light therapy home devices.

I intend to keep this page updated as often as possible, and I hope it helps you dramatically lower your cost for the amazingly healthy infrared therapy products.

Infrared Heating Pads Discounts

Here are the latest discount on the best infrared heating pads:

Heavily Discounted 

  1. infrared heating pad

    UTK Infrared heating pad – see all sizes & check today’s price

    UTK infrared heating pad medium

  2. UTK infrared heating pad small 
  3. UTK neck and shoulder infrared heating pad

The UTK infrared heating pads are our #1 recommendation. They are high quality, durable, and have a fair price tag.

Average Discount

  1. Healthy Line jade & tormaline infrared heating mat large
  2. TherMedic Multi Function far infrared Heating Pad 

We highly recommend the TherMedic infrared multi-function heating pad for joint pain, especially knee pain, due to the excellent velcro straps, which allow wrapping any joint in your body.

Infrared Home Saunas Discounts

We’ve researched and reviewed the 3 best 2-person infrared home saunas in the market HERE.

Here are the latest discount on the best home infrared saunas:

Heavily Discounted

  1. radiant saunas 2 person hemlock infrared sauna review

    Radiant Saunas Delux

    Radiant saunas 2-person Hemlock delux infrared sauna 

  2.  DYNAMIC SAUNAS Venice 2-Person Far Infrared Sauna
  3. DYNAMIC SAUNAS Alicante 1 to 2-Person Far Infrared Sauna

Infrared LED Light Therapy for Pain Discounts

Here are the latest discount on Infrared LED light therapy for pain products:

Heavily Discounted 

  1. Tendlite

    Tendlite joint & muscle pain relief

  2. Infrared LED Light Therapy Pain & Skin Care Device
  3. Infrared LED Therapy Pad

Average Discount

  1. DPL Deep Penetrating Light Therapy System
  2. Anodyne Clinical Strength Infrared Light Therapy System

Infrared Blankets/Portable Sauna Discounts

Heavily Discounted 

  1. Nova Microdermabrasion Improved 3 Zone Fir Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

    Don’t forget to check out our best about the 3 compelling reasons to use infrared light therapy for pain relief.

    To your health and happiness,