The 4 Best Infrared Vein Finder Devices

best vein finder devices

A portable vein finder light is one of the best tools for every nurse, phlebotomist, medical professional, and caregiver. When you use a simple, portable infrared vein finder device – you can save time, reduce waste of materials (needles, syringes, etc), and most importantly: You can reduce the pain, stress, and trauma experienced by patients with … Read more

The 6 Best Infrared Forehead Thermometers

best infrared forehead thermometers reviews

A high-quality infrared (no touch) forehead thermometer can check for fever in less than 3 seconds and is the quickest and most convenient device for checking for fever in any baby, child, or adult. But: Are forehead thermometers accurate? Which one is best for your needs? We set out to find the most accurate, consistent, fast, and easy-to-read … Read more