Infrared Sauna Before and After: 9 Benefits & Results

infrared sauna benefits and results

You may have tried countless treatments, medications, and therapies, each promising a miracle but leaving you feeling disappointed. But I’m guessing you haven’t given a fair shot to infrared sauna treatments. An infrared sauna has an incredible ability to support your body’s natural healing processes without invasive procedures or harmful side effects. Here’s the deal: … Read more

What’s the Best 3-4 Person Home Infrared Sauna (in 2023)?

best 3-4 person infrared saunas

We’ve already shown the incredible benefits of infrared saunas for weight loss, the immune system, and 12 other proven benefits of infrared light therapy. If you are looking for a spacious and luxurious infrared sauna, a 3 person/4 person infrared sauna is the best choice for your home, and can either accommodate more people or allow … Read more