Single infrared heat lamp therapy is a simple, cheap and effective alternative to infrared saunas and the expensive red LED light therapy home devices.

Infrared heat lamps set-up requirements and costs are minimal, yet the benefits are fantastic and there’s no end to the potential home uses.

(This little magic light bulb has helped me with everything from acne and pimples, to back pain, to facial rejuvenation!)

The Amazing Infrared Heat Lamps Benefits

benefits of infrared lamps

1. Pain relief (sports injuries, muscle pain, joint pain, nerve pain, spinal pain)

2. Wound healing (diabetic wounds, ulcers)

3. Skin anti-aging and health (wrinkle and sagging reduction, skin brightening, skin tone)

4. Skin Infections, acne, rashes, burns, boils.

5. Blood circulation (varicose veins, spider veins, edema)

And the list goes on and on.

But now you’ll want to know:

  • What kind of infrared heat lamps do you look for?
  • Which infrared bulbs are the best?
  • How do you use heat lamps at home?

In this post you’ll find all the answers, plus how exactly to use infrared heat lamp therapy at home for most common conditions (treatment time, distance from heat etc.).


Let’s start:

What is Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy?

Electric Single Infrared heat lamps transmit invisible infrared light waves deep into your body, all the way to your muscles, nerves, and bones.

Infrared wavelength is felt as gentle heat, yet proven to penetrate deep into your tissues and improve blood circulation (by 400% within a few minutes!), hydration and oxygenation in the area.

 This supercharged blood flow brings pain relieving and healing components  and speeds up recovery from any injury in your tissues or skin.

It’s as simple as that, and it works.

Infrared heat lamps (also known as “heat lamps) are large, 250-watt, reddish incandescent bulbs.

Most of them emit not only infrared light (low-level laser), but red, orange and yellow light too.

These heat lamps are sold at many hardware stores, and you can easily order one from Amazon.

What Kind of Infrared Lamps do You Look for?

The infrared heat lamp you want is a 250-watt reddish heat lamp.

(Avoid clear or halogen bulbs)

The bulb doesn’t have to be pure red – the color varies from a yellowish to a deeper red color.

You will also need a clamp-on socket and fixture rated for at least a 250-watt light bulb. The best ones usually have a guard to prevent touching the bulb, which can get very hot.

(Just make sure your base can support the wattage of the bulb. )

Bayco Brooder Clamp Light with Porcelain Ceramic Socket – see today’s price

Alternatively, you can buy a ready-to-use infrared heat lamp, like this one or this handcrafted one (recommended)


These infrared lights generate intense heat and can easily shatter, use with care. Finger marks and scratches from handling can weaken the bulb and leads to more frequent shattering.

Avoid banging the lamp around and splashing water on it, because it may break.

(This is why a ready-made infrared lamp may be a good idea)

See the Best Infrared Heating Lamps & Devices Compared HERE

 Infrared Heat Lamp Usage Instructions

Once you have your heat lamp, you can safely use it on any part of your body, to treat countless health conditions (and skin problems/aging).

Here’s exactly how to use your infrared heat lamp for various conditions:

1. For Pain Relief

Clamp the socket to a chair, shelf, headboard of a bed, or any location where you can move your body close to the lamp.

Sit at least 18-24 inches away from the lamp.

Use the heat light bulb on the side, not above you.

Use eye protection goggles or glasses for blocking infrared light.

Allow the area to become as hot as you can comfortably tolerate.

Move your body slightly every few minutes.

Use the bulb for 15 to 20 minutes per session, for up to 3 sessions per day. Overuse will provide no additional benefit.

If you use it on your head (sinuses, headache, hair growth, congestion etc.) – do not use for more than 10 minutes per session.

Always use a timer, because the heat relaxes you so much that you may fall asleep.

☑️ Note
If you need a full body infrared treatment – we suggest this excellent near infrared 4-light panel from Sauna Space

Near Infrared 4-light panel – check today’s price

2. For Skin anti-aging and Rejuvenation

Again, clamp the socket to a location where you can move your body close to the lamp.

Sit about 12 to 22 inches away from the lamp.

Set a timer for 5 minutes.

Each skin area can be treated for no more than 5-6 minutes.

Use safety infrared-blocking goggles to protect your eyes.

Repeat treatment every 2-3 days.

Do not be tempted to use red light therapy 7 days a week – your skin needs time to rebuild itself and heal after each treatment (this is when new collagen is produced – yay!). Use it 4-5 times a week.

3. Skin Problems (acne, wounds, burns, boils, rashes, infections)

Did you know?

The infrared lamp can kill infections that are resistant to antibiotics and can speed up wound healing greatly.

See my post with the full instructions on how to use red light therapy to heal wounds faster – including surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic wounds, burns and more)

To treat skin problems with infrared light therapy, follow instructions above for the skin anti-aging.

How Quick Will You Feel/See Results?

When it comes to pain relief, many people feel an almost immediate relief, which gets even better with regular home treatment.

The effect you see visually on your skin (wrinkle reduction, less sagging, improved skin tone, skin brightening etc.) takes more time to show up.

In about 1-2 weeks you’ll notice your face has more “substance” and looks more toned.

You’ll look healthier and rested.

After about 2-6 weeks fine lines will start to disappear. Your skin will be brightened and be smoother and softer.

After 4 months a huge difference in wrinkles and fine lines can be seen.

Heat Lamp Therapy Side Effects and Warnings

Generally, infrared light therapy is proven to be completely safe and side-effect free.


The heat may cause a slight temporary redness on your skin (it’s not a burn!) that will go away in a few hours.

The potential danger of infrared heat bulbs is mainly to your skin and eyes – but only if you overuse it or ignore instructions.

When used around your head and face, use safety goggles with infrared absorbing glass.

And, never more than 10 minutes.

To avoid skin burns, always sit a distance where the heat feels comfortable.

(Don’t worry, you will not get a tan from this light)

Avoid using the lamp on an injury for the first 24 hours.  The lamp might increase inflammation. Following this 24-hour period, the lamp is excellent for most injuries.

Do not apply essential oils, lotion or cream to your skin before using the heat lamp.  Oils can heat up and cause a burn.

Do not touch an infrared lamp when hot.

Infrared lamp therapy is contraindicated for some skin cancers, which may become aggravated by the light.

Summary (Infographic)

A single infrared heat lamp for healing (chosen correctly) can aid with endless health conditions and makes a simple and inexpensive alternative for an infrared sauna or large home devices.

(However, you can build your own infrared sauna at home for less than $100)

The same bulbs often used in chicken coops or in restaurants to keep the food warm, can help you relieve your pain and take years off your skin.

All you need a high-quality heat bulb, a clamp lamp socket, and safety goggles, and you’re ready to go.

If your budget is not that tight, you can get a ready-to-use high power infrared heat lamp, like this one.

What about you? What’s your experience with infrared heat therapy? I’d love to see it in the comments below.

To your health and happiness,



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