HairMax vs. Illumiflow vs. Kiierr – Which Laser Cap is Best?

In this post, we’ll review and compare the 3 best-selling (FDA-cleared) laser caps – HairMax PowerFlex, Illumiflow, and Kiierr – to help you make the best long-term decision for regrowing your hair.

hairmax vs. kiierr vs. illumiflow laser caps

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Laser caps for hair growth are getting increasingly popular among people suffering from hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness.


Because they are proven to work – both by clinical studies and by people using them.


Though laser caps are much more affordable than Low-Level Laser clinic treatments, the best ones are still quite expensive.

Here’s a short summary of our findings – we highly recommend to keep reading the specifics below.

Kiierr vs. Illumiflow vs. HairMax Powerflex – Results

kiierr laser cap 272 review
Best Value – My Kiierr Laser Cap

All 3 brands use the same technology and have the same number of lasers and laser output, but it seems like Kiierr Laser Cap has the highest user satisfaction and buyer rating. The HairMax PowerFlex is the most expensive laser cap, costing between $1700 – $1900 (coupon codes are available most of the time, and the purchase comes with hair nurturing gifts), while the Illumiflow and the Kiierr cost about half this price.

The most extensive warranty is offered by Illumiflow (5 years), but the longest return period is offered by HairMax (a 1-year trial, with a 25% restocking fee).

HairMax has the lowest consumer average rating (3.85 out of 4, compared to 4.4 for Illumiflow and Kiierr).

Laser Cap🥇 Winner
272 laser diodes
Red light @ 650 nm
Power OutputTie
1360 Mw.
Treatment TimeHairmax
(15-30 minutes)
Company Experience Hairmax
(20 years)
Consumer ReviewsKiierr
(4.6 out of 5)
Trial PeriodHairmax
(1 year)
Comparing HairMax, Illumiflow, and Kiierr laser caps according to strength, treatment time, brand experience, consumer reviews, and trial period.

How Do Laser Caps Work?

Laser caps use low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to stimulate hair growth. The lasers penetrate the scalp to stimulate blood flow, which helps to promote hair growth (studies). The lasers also help to reduce inflammation in the scalp, which can be a cause of hair loss.

By extending the anagen (growth) phase and promoting hair follicle function, laser caps can help improve hair density, thickness, and strength.

Laser caps are a safe and effective hair loss treatment option that can be used at home with consistent use over several months.


HairMax PowerFlex review
HairMax PowerFlex272 lasers – 1360 Mw irradiance

All 3 brands use real laser diodes (not LEDs) inside their laser caps.

To stimulate the hair follicles and start regrowth, the light needs to be administered at a specific wavelength and consistent power levels.

HairMax, Illumiflow, and Kiierr laser caps all have 272 laser diodes evenly spread around the cap and covered with comfortable silicone.

👉 Scalp coverage – all 3 laser caps are designed for full scalp coverage that reaches almost all the back and sides of the scalp.

  • Technology winner: All 3 (tie)

Power Output (Strength)

The strength of each laser cap is determined by the power output (measured) in Mw (milliwatts) and the number of laser diodes.

All 3 brands have 272 lasers, emitting red light therapy at 650 nm (the best wavelength for hair growth) at 5 Mw.

This means that the total power output of all 3 laser caps is 1360 Mw.

HairMax laser cap before and after

  • Strength winner: All 3 (tie)

So far, everything looks the same, right?

Treatment Time

Kiierr laser cap before and after
Kiierr Laser Cap before and after – see more pictures HERE

Do you know what’s the most important factor in laser caps’ successful results?


Through clinical studies (HairMax has done 7 clinical trials so far), it takes 1-3 months to stop hair loss and hair thinning, and 1-3 more months to regrow new, healthy hair.

So, how do you stay consistent?

When you follow the regimen religiously.

This gets easier when the treatment time is minimal, and the laser cap is 100% portable, so you can use them while you work or move around.

So, how do HairMax, Kiierr, and Illumiflow flow compare when it comes to the LLLT hair treatment time?

Treatment TimeScalp Coverage
HairMax PowerFlex15/30 minutes -
3 times per week
(dual mode)
Illumiflow 272 laser cap30 minutes -
3 times per week
Kiierr272 laser cap30 minutes -
3 times per week

Illumiflow – 30 minutes X 3 times a week (auto shut off after 30 minutes)

Kiierr – 30 minutes every other day (3-4 times a week)

HairMax PowerFlex – has a dual operating mode: constant laser – 15 minutes X 3 times a week, or pulsing laser – 30 minutes X 3 times a week. Both modes deliver the same laser strength, so we would opt for the shorter treatment mode (constant light for 15 minutes)

Price, Return Policy, and Warranty

illumiflow laser cap reviews
Illumiflow laser cap – 6 months money-back-guarantee

Since laser caps are a big investment, and it sometimes takes up to 6 months to regrow thicker and denser hair, the option to return the laser cap for a full refund (in case it doesn’t work) – is very important.

Warranty for the parts and lasers is also important, and the company you buy from must be reliable and confident about their product.

The more confident they are, the longer the risk-free trial will be, right?

Well, here’s how HairMax, Kiierr, and Illumiflow compare:

Laser CapsPriceTrial PeriodWarranty
HairMax PowerFlex

$1899 at HairMax1-year trial
(25% restocking fee
if returned)
2-year warranty
Illumiflow 272 laser cap
$799 at Walmart6 months trial5-year warranty
Kiierr272 laser cap
$874 with code PDAY at Kiierr7 months trial2-year warranty
(or 4 years
with extra fee)
Comparing HairMax, Kiierr, and Illumiflow according to price, trial period and warranty.

HairMax – 1-year money-back guarantee, but you’ll have to pay a 25% restocking fee if you decide to return it.

The warranty is for 2 years.

HairMax laser hat return policy

Kiierr – 7 months money-back guarantee, but you’ll have to prove no results with before and after pictures.

The warranty is for 2 years, and it can be extended to 4 years for an extra fee.

Illumiflow – 6 months no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, with an additional 30 days for return shipping.

The warranty is for 5 years.

 Safety & FDA Approval

Kiierr laser cap reviews
Kiierr Laser Cap – FDA cleared since 2018

When it comes to laser caps, FDA clearance is very important.

The laser output must be accurate and balanced to promote hair growth safely. All 3 brands compared here are FDA-cleared for men and women.

FDA clearance means that the FDA has determined that the laser caps are substantially equivalent and safe to another similarly marketed device.

Experience and Time on Market

hairmax low level laser for hair loss

When it comes to laser hair growth, the most experienced company is HairMax, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is the pioneer of at-home laser hair regrowth (and sells laser combs as well)

HairMax claims to be the undisputed global leader in the field, with 8 FDA clearances, 7 clinical trials, 14 international medical licenses, and more than 1.8 million laser devices – sold in 170 countries since 2000.

Illumiflow applied for FDA clearance in July 2016, after 7 years of research, and is selling their 2 models of laser caps (148 lases/272 lasers) since February 2017.

Kiierr is the newest player and was granted FDA clearance in September 2018.

  • Time on Market winnerHairMax

Where is HairMax Made?

HairMax laser caps are manufactured by Lexington International LLC in Taiwan and assembled in South Florida. The headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Consumer Reviews

kiierr laser cap before and after
Kiierr laser cap consumer review

We analyzed hundreds of buyer testimonials and reviews on all stores selling these laser caps, including official sites and Amazon. Here are the results:

HairMax consumer reviews – 34 reviews – 3.85 average rating

Illumiflow consumer reviews – 97 reviews – 4.4 average rating

Kiierr consumer reviews – 301 reviews – 4.6 average rating

Illumiflow laser cap results
Illumiflow consumer results

Common consumer complaints:

  • HairMax – Needs recharging after 1-2 treatments (to avoid a heavy battery pack)
  • Illumiflow – some users reported the lasers stopped working or not being able to recharge after a year – but the 5-year warranty solves this.
  • Kiierr – no negative reviews, a few users claimed that it wasn’t a miracle cure for them.


After many hours of research, we conclude that all 3 laser caps have their pros and cons, and it’s really up to each buyer to choose the right one according to what’s most important for you. See the short comparison video below to help you decide:

To your health and happiness,



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