UTK Infrared Heating Pad: Reviews & Comparison (2020)

UTK No EMF Infrared Heating Pads Reviews & Comparison (2019)

Why is the UTK heating pad the best-selling infrared heating pad on the market? Does it work? Is it worth the cost? We wanted to find out why UTK Jade/Tourmaline heating pads are selling so well, and what users really think about them. 👉 We also wanted to know if they  as claimed, and what’s … Read more

14 Health Benefits of Infrared Heat (& How to Use)

Infrared Therapy: 14 PROVEN Health Benefits (& Home Uses)

Pain relief, detox, and calorie burning. If you’re like most people, these are the only infrared light benefits you’re aware of. But here’s the real story: This post contains affiliate links. Click here to read my affiliate policy. And the best part? These days, you can safely use infrared therapy technology (also known as MIRE therapy – … Read more

The 6 Best Knee Heating Pads/Braces (2020)

best knee heating pads braces wraps

Infrared knee heating pads, braces, and wraps are specifically  all the way to your muscles, bones, and nerves. When you combine the benefit of wrap-around design (whit straps) and the superior infrared heat therapy – you’ve got the best natural method to relieve knee arthritis/Meniscus – at home. This post contains affiliate links. Click here … Read more