The 6 Best Infrared (Heat Therapy) Gloves for Arthritis/Neuropathy

best infrared gloves arthritis gloves heated gloves

Infrared (heat therapy) gloves are proven to relieve hand pain, hand swelling, wrist pain, and general discomfort caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Neuropathy, Raynaud’s, and trigger finger. They can even improve your grip – if you use them correctly. But: How do you choose the best heat therapy gloves for your specific condition? What’s … Read more

The 6 Best Infrared Massagers (for Pain & Cellulite)

best infrared massager

Though mostly small and lightweight, the infrared massager is available in many types and sizes and can become your best friend if you need to relieve muscle pain, boost blood circulation and even reduce cellulite – anywhere in your body. Why? Because of any electric body massager. Don’t settle on a regular massager when you … Read more

The 6 Best Knee Heating Pads/Braces of 2021

best knee heating pads braces wraps

Infrared knee heating pads, braces, and wraps are specifically designed for the curvy shape of your knee while emitting deep-penetrating infrared heat-  all the way to your muscles, bones, and nerves. When you combine the benefit of wrap-around design (whit straps) and the superior infrared heat therapy – you’ve got the best natural method to … Read more

4 Ways to Use Infrared Light Therapy for Arthritis (at Home)

infrared light therapy for arthritis

Infrared light therapy for arthritis is one of the best natural pain-relieving tools you can have at home – to use any time you need it. 👉In this post, you’ll discover the , including the infrared lamp, heat therapy gloves, infrared foot therapy, infrared heating pads, and the infrared sauna. This post contains affiliate links. … Read more

The 7 Best Infrared Therapy Devices for Neuropathy [2021]

infrared therapy for neuropathy devices

Infrared therapy devices can be extremely helpful and ease the life of Arthritis sufferers – without any side effects. Infrared rays are scientifically proven to heal and even regenerate damaged nerves, and are long enough to reach deep into the tissues – all the way to muscles, nerves, and bones. Professor David A. Arnall, chair … Read more

14 Health Benefits of Infrared Heat (& How to Use)

Infrared Therapy: 14 PROVEN Health Benefits (& Home Uses)

Pain relief, detox, and calorie burning. If you’re like most people, these are the only infrared light benefits you’re aware of. But here’s the real story: This post contains affiliate links. Click here to read my affiliate policy. And the best part? These days, you can safely use infrared therapy technology (also known as MIRE therapy – … Read more