I’m sure you’ll agree:

A chronic or non-healing wound can be terrifying.

It can easily become infected and lead to amputation, or worse.

When we’ve found that red and infrared light therapy can heal any wound up to 200% (!) faster, we had to let everyone know.

It can save a life.

Red light therapy for wound healing is a natural, scientifically proven and safe way to heal chronic and non-healing wounds, no matter their cause.

(Note: I am not a doctor and I encourage you to consult with your doctor about any wound).

In this post you’ll find:

1.  How red and near-infrared light speeds wound healing (by 170 – 200%) 

2. NASA and other studies proving the amazing ability of red light waves in closing and healing chronic wounds

3. How to easily use red light therapy for wound healing at home (based on science)

4. The best home device for wound care

5. When to expect results

6. Side effects and warnings

Red Light Therapy for Wound Healing: How Does it Work?

According to many studies, biologists have found the cells exposed to near-infrared light (energy just outside the visible range) from LEDs – grow 150% to 200% faster than cells not stimulated by this light.


(Image source)

Infrared light rays increase energy inside cells that speed up any healing process, and penetrates all the way into your skin and deeper.

What’s infrared light?

Infrared light therapy is described by science in terms of wavelength, measured in nm.

Any number between 620 nm to 680 nm is visible red light.

Any number between 700 and 1100 is invisible near-infrared light.

Here’s how infrared wound therapy works:

1.  Studies have found that near-infrared wavelength increases microcirculation and formation of new capillaries.

The result:

The wound area receives more oxygen and nutrients to help with the natural wound healing process.

2. Low-level laser promotes lymph system activity – this helps with detoxification of the wound without overtaxing the lymph system and prevents lymphedema.

3. Infrared rays clean up dead cells: boosted blood circulation helps with cleaning up dead or damaged cells, including dead bacteria.

4. Infrared therapy promotes collagen production – as proven in many studies, cold laser (red light waves) stimulates collagen and elastin production in the final wound healing phases.

5. It helps release ATP (raw cellular energy) which gives energy to the damaged cells in the wound so they can heal better and faster (study).

Did you know?

Israeli physicists have discovered that the heat from laser light can weld flesh back together. Now they’re experimenting with using it to heal wounds instead of using traditional stitching.

Who Can Benefit from Red Light Therapy? 

There are many studies that prove that red light therapy (Low-Level Laser Therapy) can close any non-healing wound (a wound that doesn’t heal after 4 weeks), even in diabetics.

People with the following conditions can greatly benefit from infrared therapy:

1. Diabetic ulcers

2. Venus ulcers

3. Pressure ulcers

4. Nonhealing surgical wounds

5. Serious burns

6. Oral sores from chemotherapy/radiation

7. Metabolic-disease-related wounds

8. Wounds that repeatedly break down

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When Can You Expect Results?

Through my study-based research I’ve found:

Depending on several factors (your nutrition, for instance), it takes an average of 47 days and no less than 4 weeks of daily treatments, to heal a chronic wound.

Studies have shown that healing can occur even after only 3 days. But for some, it can take months.

Obviously, a natural and side-effect free treatment that can prevent infections and amputation is worth it – no matter how long it takes.

Are There any Side Effects or Risks?

Red light therapy is a proven side-effect free natural method. If you use it correctly, you’ll enjoy a safe treatment.

However, you still have to protect your eyes, to be on the safe side. These products can produce high glare, so use eye protection, like these safety goggles.

Never look directly into your home red light therapy device.

Next, let’s find out how you can use a low-level laser to heal your wound – at home:

How to Use Red Light Therapy to Heal Wounds – At Home

red light therapy wound healing

These days you don’t have to pay for expensive clinic appointments to naturally treat a non-healing wound.

There are a few excellent red light therapy home devices and lamps you can use every day at home – starting today.

Here are your best options:

1.  A Near-Infrared Heat Lamp

Infrared heat lamps are reddish near infrared bulbs, also known as “heat lamps”.

These powerful 250-watt heat bulbs emit near infrared rays with red, orange and yellow light combined.

Ruby Lux near infrared heat bulb

RubyLux Infrared Bulb NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb – see today’s price

The heat from these lamps can penetrate deep into your wound, up to about 2 inches in!

To use a near infrared heat bulb safely, you’ll need a clamp socket designed for a 300-watt bulb, like this one.

Bayco Brooder Clamp Light with Porcelain Ceramic Socket – see today’s price on Amazon

Here’s How to use it:

  1. Clamp the socket to a convenient place (a chair, a bed, headboard etc.) where you can move your wound close to the lamp.
  2.  Keep a safe distance of about 12 inches away from the lamp, and if at any point the heat feels too much, move further away from the lamp.
  3. Do not let the lamp directly touch your skin. Also, move the lamp or your body slightly during the lamp session as otherwise, it may cause a slight burn. Point the light to the surrounding area of the wound too.
  4. Remember to disinfect the lamp/device with alcohol
  5. Set a timer for your session. Red Light therapy is very relaxing and you may fall asleep and over treat yourself.

According to studies, the optimal treatment time is 1.5 – 5 minutes per treatment area, every day until wound is healed.

You can get a pre-made infrared lamp HERE.

2. Red/Infrared Hand-Held Home Device

If you trust the FDA, you should know that at the time of this writing, red light therapy has not been approved by the FDA for wound care.

That’s why you won’t find home devices advertised for this purpose.


Home LLLT devices have already been approved for things such as pain relief and wrinkle reduction, and you can find a few high-quality LED infrared devices on the market right now.

Baby Quasar MD Plus

Baby Quasar MD Plus – get more info HERE

You’ll need a home device that is powerful enough though (and is mostly infrared), and place it closer to the wound, about 1 inch away from it.

Through our research, one of the best home infrared devices for wound care is Baby Quasar MD Plus.

Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s yours to use 24/7, and if it doesn’t work – you can send it back and get a refund.

Note: Handheld devices are better than panels because they are portable, easier to point in the exact position and easier to hold in place.


Red and infrared light therapy for wound healing are safe and proven to work.

No matter the cause of your chronic wound (Neuropathy, Diabetes, surgery, anything), this natural wound healing method can prevent infections and amputation.

It’s easy to use at home – the simple equipment is available and affordable (especially the infrared lamp of course)

You will have no adverse side effects if you don’t overdose yourself.

You can get started today.

I truly hope you give it a chance and spread the word about this wonderful natural treatment for non-healing wounds.

Do you have any questions or comments? What’s your experience with natural wound healing?

Let me know in the comments below.

To your health and happiness,