14 Health Benefits of Infrared Heat (& How to Use)

Infrared Therapy: 14 PROVEN Health Benefits (& Home Uses)

Pain relief, detox, and calorie burning. If you’re like most people, these are the only infrared light benefits you’re aware of. But here’s the real story: Infrared light therapy (also known as Photobiomodulation) has more than 13 scientifically proven health benefits and (safe) uses, most of them you’ve probably never heard of. This post contains … Read more

The Best Red Light Therapy Wraps, Pads and Belts [2022 Reviews]

red light therapy wraps belts pads

Flexible red light therapy wraps/belts/pads can be used anywhere on your body, including curvy areas (such as the knees, shoulders, legs, etc.) – for more efficient delivery of red light energy and healing capabilities. Red light therapy pads are lightweight, thin, and comfortable, but most importantly – allow for direct contact with the skin. In … Read more

Infrared Sauna Before and After: 9 Benefits & Results

far infrared sauna before and after benefits results

In 2022, I truly hope most people already know about the amazing (and proven) benefits of infrared light therapy and far infrared saunas: Detox through sweating (7 times more than a traditional sauna!) Weight loss (yes! it’s proven!) – read all about infrared sauna for weight loss! Skin anti-aging Fast pain relief (and long-term healing) … Read more