Hopefully, most people already know about the amazing (and proven) benefits of infrared light therapy, which we experience as heat:

  • Detox through sweating (7 times more than a traditional sauna!)
  • Skin anti-aging
  • Fast pain relief (and long-term healing)
  • Improved heart health (through BP reduction and vasolidation)
  • Stress relief and relaxation (parasympathetic healing effect)
  • Cellulite reduction


Some of us haven’t heard about the incredible results of infrared sauna treatments.

Today the safe, side-effect free infrared saunas are commonly used by holistic practitioners and spas around the world.

In this post, you’ll discover about the vast variety of health conditions that can be dramatically improved through infrared sauna treatments.


  • What is an infrared sauna?
  • What are its proven health benefits?
  • Do infrared saunas work and who can benefit from them? (plus 7 amazing success stories)

What is an Infrared Sauna (Compared to a Regular sauna)?

Infrared saunas were invented about 100 years ago by Dr. John Harvey Kelogg, but have come a long way since.

Here’s a simple analogy straight from your kitchen:

Infrared saunas heat your body from the inside out (like a microwave) instead of just the outside (like a griller).

Infrared rays (the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum) penetrate deep into your body (up to 3-4 cm deep), all the way to your muscles, nerves, and bones – without heating the air around you.

Your body temperature increases, yet the light has no effect on your surrounding environment and you can breathe easily and stay completely comfortable.

Meanwhile, your blood circulation increases, and results with heavy sweating (detox), a  metabolism boost and anti-inflammation processes.

Basically, you get all the benefits of sunlight therapy without the harmful UV rays.

The proven health benefits of infrared saunas include:

1. Calorie burning (600 in 30 minutes)  – the heat increases core body temperature similar to a workout (study)

2. Skin anti-aging and skin health – collagen increase, fine lines and wrinkles reduction (study), skin healing.

3. Heavy metal and toxins detox (source)

4. Chronic fatigue relief (study)

5. Pain relief (muscle pain, nerve pain, joint pain (study)

6. Peripheral Neuropathy relief (study)

7. Improved heart health, blood pressure reduction (study)

8. Improved blood circulation (study)

Note: this list is just scratching the surface. There’s much more research you can find on other health benefits such as cancer, brain injuries, stroke prevention, depression and more.

But what do the people say?

Through my ongoing research on the incredible infrared therapy, I’ve found a few mind-blowing success stories from people using their own home infrared sauna, and I just had to share them with you:

Infrared Sauna Results: 7 Mind-Blowing Success Stories

infrared sauna results before and after

There are thousands of testimonials easily found on forums, personal blogs, and discussion boards.

Here are just 7 of them, found in my ongoing research on infrared light therapy:

1. Back and Joint Pain Relief, Common Cold Prevention

Tracey Black, author and wellness educator at DontMessWithMama.com has purchased her infrared sauna to help her husband, suffering from chronic back and joint pain.

Here’s what happened after they used their infrared sauna:

In just a couple of sessions, my husband noticed immediate results. He has low back and joint pain, and he said he felt pain relief pretty quickly. He started off at 130 degrees for 5 minutes, and worked his way up to 150 degrees for 30 minutes. He’s been using it consistently to help with his back pain – and now he can’t imagine life without it. The heat from the sauna and the sweating have been instrumental in helping him to get through the winter here in San Diego, which is usually a time when his joints and low back pain are at their worst.

One day Tracey’s husband decided to use their infrared sauna to treat the common cold, which has weakened him to the point he couldn’t go to work. Here’s what happened:

He sat in the sauna for 30 minutes, and said after he was done he felt like a new man. He didn’t feel sick at all and actually felt well enough to go to work. He had a headache, body aches, a stuffy nose and a mild cough. When he emerged from the sauna, he said he felt relief from most of the symptoms.

Read their full story HERE

2. Autoimmune Disease, Lymphatic issues, Joint Pain

Sarah Wilson, author of SarahWilson.com has tried an infrared sauna treatment to relieve lymphatic issues and joint pain from toxin build-up.

Amazingly, she has experienced dramatic relief from the first treatment.

Here’s what she wrote after doing a few more infrared sauna treatments:

I’ve done it a number of times since, and it’s made a HUGE difference. I get a lot of lymphatic blockage and it bloats the right side of my body and my face. I also get joint pain from toxin build-up…and it all just… goes…. after a session in one of these. I can go in “thyroidy” and come out calm, enlivened.

Read her full story HERE.

3. Chronic Neck Pain After Car Accident (Gone)

In her well-researched post about infrared sauna benefits, Kelly from primallyinspired.com shared her story about her chronic neck pain caused by a car accident.

For 10 years she has tried everything she could think of to end the chronic, nagging pain, only to have it come back after each treatment.

And then she tried her first infrared sauna treatment:

After my first session I was hooked. Just three sessions a week for 3 months and my chronic neck pain was finally gone…and didn’t return.

This has led her to buy her own home infrared sauna.

Since then she has noticed her husband and her sleep deeper, her hair getting thicker and growing faster, her skin becoming “baby soft” with reduced fine lines, cellulite reduction and much more.

You can see her full, amazing story HERE.

4. Multiple Sclerosis

In the same post by Kelly, I noticed an interesting comment by one of her readers, Peter.

Peter has shared his experience with infrared sauna treatments for dealing with Multiple Sclerosis.

In his words:

I have been using my Infrared Sauna since 2005 when I was diagnosed with MS. It has been my greatest treatment regime for battling my MS. By detoxing my body I have given my body a fighting chance to minimize the effects of my MS. My balance has improved greatly, the pain nearly unnoticeable and the fog has cleared up. The greatest measure of the benefits of the infrared sauna is many of my elisions have healed over and it is seen in the progression of my MRI’s …. No side effect the healing of the body ….

Isn’t that incredible?

5. Glowing, Radiant Skin, Total Relaxation

Alina Gonzales from Byrdie.co.uk has decided to try an infrared sauna pod to see if all the claims are true.

After a one-time 40 minute treatment, she was hooked.

More than hooked actually:

After one 40-minute session, I am a full-on convert, devotee, groupie fangirl of the therapy that is infrared sauna pods. I am a sauna pod junkie.

Alina especially loved the skin benefits of infrared therapy:

When I emerged from the sauna pod room, one of the front desk people saw me and exclaimed, “Oh you got “the glow!’” I wasn’t near a mirror yet, and took what he said with a grain of salt. Until I went into the bathroom and saw my reflection, and my skin truly was glowing. Not oily, not sweaty, straight-up backstage model glowing…I continued to notice “the glow” for the next few days, and have already booked my next session… Not only did I see noticeable skin differences after one session, it was the most relaxing 40 minutes I’ve had since…probably being in the womb.

See her full story (and an explanation about infrared sauna pods) – HERE.

6. Fungal Infection, Chronic Shoulder Pain

This story was found on the Dr. Jack Cruise health forum:

I have a FAR infrared sauna and use daily… I had a bug bite on my arm that got infected and has been scaly/not healing , turned to some type of fungal infection for months. In 2 weeks time it was 90% healed. All skin seems to be feeling softer and looking better. With all the toxins in everything these days, if it helps to prevent disease it will be well worth it.
I had also been experiencing chronic shoulder pain for over a year – too much typing for extended periods. That too is 90% gone.

7. Fatigue, Back Acne, Acne Scarring, Blood Sugar Levels

Lauren, author of EmpoweredSustanance.com has shared her 3-month experience with infrared sauna treatments.

She has invested in her own infrared sauna to improve her low thyroid function, high blood sugar, fungal infections and for heavy metal detox.

Her results included:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Reduced fatigue associated with hypothyroidism
  • Back acne and acne scars completely gone
  • Blood sugar levels back to a healthy range
  • Improved flexibility and muscle tone

Read her full story and great research on the subject HERE.

These stories and many more you can find with some research, have convinced me to save up for my own 2-person infrared sauna.

Until I am able to afford it, I’ll “settle” on my Amethyst Biomat, which has done wonders for me and my family’s health and well-being (but that’s a story for another post…coming soon).

8. Stage 4 Cancer

Without further words, here’s Barbara Ulrich (stage 4 cancer survivor testimonial):

How Much do Infrared Home Saunas Cost?

The prices obviously vary greatly. You can use the chart below to see the prices for the best infrared saunas (for 2-3 people) in 2018:


The health benefits of regular infrared sauna sessions range from detox to weight loss to pain relief to skin healing, and the list goes on and on.

In this infrared sauna results post, you’ve found 7 random yet highly encouraging success stories by people who have changed their life through infrared therapy treatments.

I firmly believe that anyone suffering from chronic pain, skin issues, thyroid conditions, cardiovascular conditions, anxiety, diabetes, and cancer – should have access to gentle radiant heat through his own infrared sauna.

Note: Here’s how to find the best infrared sauna spa facility – near you.

What about you? What’s your experience with infrared therapy? Let me know in the comments below.

To your health and happiness,