The Complete List of Our Exclusive Coupon Codes

Over the years, we’ve collected more and more coupon codes for different red and infrared light therapy products – especially for our readers.

Since you probably haven’t read the entire blog, we wanted to let you know about them, so you can use them and get a good discount if you decide you want one of them.

These coupon codes are worth up to $80 in discounts and are only for our community.
We recommend bookmarking this page so you’ll have easy access to it.

This post contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. Exclusive Coupon Codes

Here’s the complete list of our coupon codes (updated for 2023):

1. Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket$105 OFF with coupon code MEITAL75on the official site

higher dose coupon code
Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket – click to see our review

2. Aduro LED Face Mask – $20 off with coupon code MEITAL20 – on the official site!

led face mask
See my trial and results with the Aduro LED mask!

3. Project E Beauty LED Mask – 5% OFF with coupon code MEITAL05 – on the official site

See my trial & review for the Project E Beauty LED Mask!

4. Snailax Infrared Body Massager15% discount with coupon code MEITAL35on the official site

snailax infrared massager coupon code
See our review of the Snailax infrared massager

5. Snailax Shiatsu Foot Massager – 15% discount with coupon code MEITAL35on the official site

snailax foot massager coupon code
See our full review of the Snailax Foot Massager!

6. iReliev Infrared Heating Pad – 20% Discount with code meital20 – at iReliev

ireliev infrared heating pad
See my review of the iReliev Infrared Heating Pad

The iReliev company has given us a 20% discount code for all their products – including their infrared heating pad, and their heated hand massager.

7. Hooga Red Light Therapy Panel – 12% discount with code meital12 – at Hooga

hooga red light therapy panel coupon code
Hooga Panel – $140 with code MEITAL12 at Hooga

You can a 12% discount for the already-reasonable price of the Hooga red & near infrared light therapy panel with code meital 12 at Hooga.

To your health and happiness,