The 7 Best Portable Infrared Saunas (Blankets & Tents) of 2022

Is there a low-cost (and effective) alternative for the expensive home infrared sauna?

The answer is YES.

A portable infrared sauna.

While most home infrared saunas cost at least $1500 per unit (and up to $5000), the average portable sauna costs less than half this price and is just as effective.

best portable infrared saunas

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Portable infrared saunas include infrared sauna tents, infrared sauna blankets, and infrared sauna domes.


Where do you find a high-quality and safe portable infrared sauna?

The answers are here.

We’ve researched and found the 7 best LOW EMF, safe, and effective portable infrared sauna tents, pods, and blankets of 2022 – to help you make the best decision for your health.

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Portable Infrared SaunaTypeTemperature SettingsEMF RatingPrice
🥇Higher Dose

Best Infrared Sauna Blanket
1-8 levels (68-158 F) 0-1 mG EMF $509 with code MEITAL75 at Higher Dose
Free shipping
Durherm Portable Sauna
Best Infrared Sauna Tent
104 -140 F0.15 mG EMF
Check Price on Amazon
Radiant Saunas Rejuvenator
Infrared Sauna Tent
Budget Pick

Up to 150 F2.5 mG EMF
Check Price on Amazon
Sauna Space Near Infrared Sauna Tent
Best Near Infrared Sauna
Infrared bulbs0-1 mG EMF$3900 at Sauna Space
Free shipping
100-day trial
Comparing the best portable infrared saunas according to type, temperature settings, EMF radiation, and price.

Regular Infrared Sauna vs. Portable Infrared Sauna

Compared to a wooden FIR sauna, a portable infrared sauna is portable, and can be easily packed and taken away with you or moved around your home – without it taking too much space. Also, it is easier to operate, requires no assembly, and can be used without clothing. Your head stays out of the sauna, which allows you to talk on your phone or watch TV. Portable saunas use the same infrared technology as wooden saunas, heat up just the same and faster. The power consumption is lower. 

1. Size

No doubt you’ll need more space to accommodate a Wooden sauna. Wooden Sauna sizes vary, but the average is 5 x 6 feet and can reach up to 7 x 8 feet. Portable saunas can be folded and take up very little space.

2.  IR Heating Elements

Wooden IR saunas mostly use carbon & ceramic far infrared heaters while portable saunas use carbon fiber or near-infrared bulbs.

You can achieve the same temperature and deep heat in a portable sauna as in a wooden sauna.

3. EMF Radiation

Since portable IR saunas are smaller and your body is closer to the infrared emitting material, most portable saunas radiate more EMF than a wooden sauna.

The best 2 person infrared saunas use EMF shielding elements to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

4.  Space Inside the Sauna

The smallest wooden sauna can accommodate 2 people. A portable IR sauna can only be used by 1 person. Potentially, you can save electricity by allowing 2 people to use a home sauna, which you can’t do with the portable one.

Also note that when you use a portable sauna, your head stays out during treatment.

5.  Extra Features

You can add many accessories to a wooden sauna, such as chromotherapy (LED lights), a music system, etc. You won’t find these features in a portable sauna.

6.  Price

Portable IR saunas cost much less than wooden saunas, about 1/3 of their price, yet they are just as effective as wooden saunas for your health purposes.

A portable IR sauna is a container intended to raise your body temperature and emit deep-penetrating infrared rays, to provide many amazing health benefits, including:

  • Pain relief
  • Full body detox (toxin and heavy metal release)
  • Stress Relief and deep relaxation
  • Weight loss (calorie burning)
  • Improved sleep
  • Immune system boost
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Skin anti-aging
  • Mental clarity and better focus
  • Anxiety reduction (through activating the parasympathetic nervous system)

The 7 BEST Portable Infrared Saunas (with Low EMF)

Below you’ll find only high-quality and safe portable infrared sauna tents, pods, and blankets – researched and checked by us – for 2022.

Best Infrared Sauna Blankets (Lay Down)

Though most people use infrared sauna blankets for weight loss (you burn 500 calories in one full treatment), you can use them to get all the health benefits of infrared therapy – including full body detox, pain relief, blood circulation boost, anti-aging, etc.

Infrared sauna blankets are similar to heavy sleeping bags; you enclose yourself in one as it emits infrared rays and builds body heat.

They are compact, lightweight, 100% portable, require no setup, easy to operate, and can be used in bed, on the floor, or in a chair.


Since you are wrapped in the blanket, you are very close to the IR emitting material, so it’s very important to get a LOW EMF sauna blanket!

Here are the only 2 Low EMF infrared blankets of 2022:

1. Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket Best Sauna Blanket

best infrared sauna blanket
Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket – 2022 Top Pick – view at Higher Dose
  • Infrared technology – carbon fiber and semi-precious stones (Amethyst/Tourmaline)
  • EMF radiation – none
  • Material: Waterproof Polyurethane (PU) fireproof cotton
  • Temperatures 58 F – 158 F
  • Warranty – 1 year/14-day returns

The celebrity-favorite HIgher Dose infrared blanket is the most popular low EMF infrared blanket, and for good reasons:

The new model now has a full Amethyst layer for an even and natural infrared rays emission, a Tourmaline layer (for generating negative ions), a charcoal layer (to amplify the detox process), and a medical-grade magnetic strip (for even more blood-circulation boosting).

low emf infrared sauna blanket

This high-quality and comfortable blanket will turn you into a sweaty burrito in no time, is easy to use, and is made with 100% toxin-free materials.

Treatment time is 60 relaxing minutes, which will detoxify you, take away your aches and pains, and leave you stress-free, bloat-free, and ready to take on the world.

folded FIR sauna blanket

The blanket is easily folded and could fit under a bed, into a suitcase, and in a car – great for travel as well.

Price – $509 with coupon code MEITAL75 and free shipping at Higher Dose

👉 Did you know? red light therapy is proven to reduce fat cells and cellulite appearance!

2. MiHigh Sauna Blanket

mihigh sauna blanket review
MiHigh Sauna Blanket – $424 with a 30-day trial – at MiHigh
  • Infrared technology – Carbon fiber.
  • EMF radiation – according to the company, the EMF reading inside is only 1.2 – 2.3 mg
  • Materials – high-quality leather exterior, and waterproof PVC interior (no phthalates)
  • Temperature settings – 95 – 165 F (temperature can be increased by increments of 5 C°)
  • Warranty – 1 year, 30-day trial (free shipping for returns)

Our runner-up is the MiHigh Sauna Blanket for weight loss, detox, and pain relief.

The MiHigh is easy to put together, comes with a control box, and all you have to do is connect it and set your temperature and time with the controller.

The interior is a polyurethane material with a waterproof liner that prevents your sweat from soaking your surroundings, and the exterior is made with high-quality leather.

The whole unit is quite compact, in comparison with other sauna blankets. It weighs 17.6 pounds, and when you go inside, it feels like lying under a weighted blanket (which is great for anxiety and stress relief).

The heat settings range from 95 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes 15-20 minutes to really heat up, and then another 10 minutes until you start sweating heavily, releasing all the “dirt” from your body, and burning calories.

MiHigh recommends spending 30 minutes to an hour inside.

Price – right now, you can save $74 and get the MiHigh for only $424 – at the official site!

The blanket comes with a fold-out box and a carry bag for maximum convenience and storage.

mihigh portable sauna blanket

Best Infrared Sauna Tents 

Let’s start with the tents – here you’ll find 3 far infrared saunas and 1 near-infrared sauna:

1. Durherm Portable Infrared Sauna  Best Infrared Sauna Tent

best portable sauna tent for 1
Durherm lowest EMF portable IR sauna – view on Amazon

Through our research, the Durherm far-infrared personal sauna is the best one for the money. Here’s why:

  • This sauna is almost EMF free
  • Well-built and lasts for years
  • It uses the semi-precious Tourmaline stone panels to emit IR rays
  • It is large, which allows you to place yourself far enough from the EMF radiation
  • It comes with the most accessories – including a foldable chair, IR footpad, washable neck collars, and a controller.

EMF radiation – through our research, this IR sauna emits only 3mG anywhere inside (measured with a Trifield meter), proving the company’s claim that the sauna produces almost no EMF radiation.

Infrared technology – ultra-thin carbon fibers and tourmaline panels. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that emits natural IR rays when heated and has many more health benefits, such as producing negative ions.

It is commonly used in the best infrared heating pads and mats.

durherm portable infrred sauna review
Easy to move around and operate

Price – check today’s price on Amazon 

Temperature settings – surface temperature on the heat panels is 104-140 F, and the air inside reaches up to 130+ F.

Warranty – 1 year

Accessories – heated Foot-pad, sports chair, 2x Terry Cloth Neck, foam pad

2. Radiant Saunas FIR Rejuvenator Portable Sauna 

portable far infrared sauna tent
Radiant Saunas Rejuvenator – view on Amazon

The Radiant saunas IR sauna is much less expensive than the Durherm sauna and is our second choice for the best far infrared portable sauna in 2022.

It is energy efficient, but the EMF radiation is a bit higher than the Durherm. It uses 3 low-EMF carbon heating panels, placed evenly inside – for steady and even heat, and includes an air ionizer and some great accessories, including a canvas chair.

Infrared technology – 3 carbon heating elements, sealed by PET material (which is eco-friendly).

EMF radiation – through our research this sauna emits about 15 Mg in the center, which is not as low as our first choice but is still considered safe.

Controller – with 6 automatic time settings.

Temperature settings – you can choose from 5 heat settings. The maximum temperature is 150 F. Heats up to max. temp. in 30 minutes.

Size – 33.5 x 28 x 38.1 inches

Weight – 18 lbs.

Accessories – comes with a foldable canvas chair, neck collar, beach towel frame, heated footpad, foam floor mat, and an ionizer.

infrared sauna tent

Radiant Saunas Price – the Radiant Saunas sauna is one of the most affordable FIR units on the market. Check the price on Amazon.

3. Sauna Space Portable Sauna Best Near Infrared Sauna

best portable near infrared sauna
Sauna Space portable near infrared sauna – view at Sauna Space

The Sauna Space near-infrared sauna tent is the best NEAR infrared sauna on the market – and emits zero EMF radiation.

(Unfortunately, that’s why it’s the most expensive one)

This handmade near-infrared sauna, made in the U.S, uses 4 high-power near-infrared heat bulbs (on a ready-made light panel) inside a cabana enclosure made with high-quality natural materials.

Near-infrared light is known to be more deep-penetrating than far-infrared light and emits close to zero EMF.

Here’s why we love this hand-made beautiful portable sauna:

  • 100% natural materials (chemical-free cotton and zero VOC-rated, hypoallergenic wood and bamboo)
  • full spectrum light emission that peaks in the near-infrared region (600-950nm)
  • Almost zero EMF tungsten heat lamps
  • Handmade stool
  • You can plug it anywhere on a standard outlet, no special wiring is needed
  • Operating the sauna will only cost about $0.16 per hour of use
  • 100 Day Money-back guarantee (free trial)

👉 More details

Entrance Width: 52 inches

Rear Width (where Light Panel is mounted): 24 inches

Depth: 52 inches

Height: 63 inches

Setup time: 30 minutes max (1 person, tool-free!)

Sauna Space Price$3900 at SaunaSpace (10-year warranty, 100-day trial)

Note: You can buy only some of the parts. For example, you can only buy the 4-bulb light panel and use it in your bathroom.

portable infrared sauna kit

See 9 INCREDIBLE infrared sauna benefits & results from people around the world – including chronic fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, cellulite reduction, and more!

4. Relax Sauna Portable Sauna Hottest Infrared Sauna Tent

low emf portable infrared sauna
Relax Sauna Far Infrared sauna tent – view on Amazon

This high-quality low emf IR sauna tent emits only 1.3 mG is on the chair in the center of the inside tent and is one of the highest-rated FIR saunas on Amazon.

The company claims that this sauna produces 95% FIR at 4 – 14 microns, as compared to 30%-50% useable FIR in other saunas, and it is definitely the hottest portable infrared sauna on the market (though you can select the number of operating heaters to customize your treatment).

Plus, pre-heating time is literally just a few seconds. And, the chair is more than a folding camping chair compared with  other sauna tent chairs.

However, the fan noise is a bit loud, and the price is higher than average.

Infrared Technology – ceramic radiators that are FDA-cleared medical devices.

EMF – this is a very low EMF FIR sauna (most EMF is near the feet area)

Storage – this sauna can be folded like a windshield sunshade and you can slip it into a free-provided carry bag and take it with you when you travel as well.

relax saunas portable sauna review

Tent Material – special nylon fiber tested and approved for high temperatures without outgassing. No PVC materials.

Cost to operate – through our research we’ve found that if you use the Relax Sauna for an hour every day, the average increase in your energy bill should only be about $4-$5.

Size: 31.5 x 31.5 x 45.3 inches

Weight: 26 lbs.

✅ Price – it’s not the least expensive one, but if low EMF and quality matter to you – the Relax Sauna will give you a great return for your money. Check today’s price on Amazon.

Infrared Sauna Blanket vs. Sauna Tent

While both sauna blankets and sauna tents are lightweight and portable, a sauna blanket is usually a bit easier to fold, store and move around than a sauna tent (which always comes with a chair), and does not require any installation or setup. However, since a sauna blanket comes in direct contact with your skin, you have to wear thin clothing when you use it, compared with a sauna tent, which can be used without clothing and does not touch your skin.

The heating elements inside a sauna blanket (which emit some EMF radiation) are much closer to your body, so it is critical to choose a low EMF and high-quality sauna blanket. In a sauna tent, heating elements are placed further away from your body (but not far enough to emit zero EMF). Both sauna types need to be tested for low EMF radiation.

Best Infrared Sauna Pods 

Portable infrared sauna domes are designed to deliver infrared rays just like tents, the only difference is the arc design, which allows you to lie down and relax – instead of sitting upright on a chair.

This special design allows people with difficulty sitting up straight for the entire detox treatment to also enjoy infrared home saunas.

Here’s the only one we recommend:

1. Crystal Ray Portable Infrared Sauna Dome Best Sauna Dome

best portable infrared sauna dome
Best portable infrared sauna dome – view on Amazon
  • Infrared technology – Active Carbon Fiber Heating
  • Temperature settings – 35 – 85 degrees Celsius
  • Warranty 1 year

The KHP IR sauna dome uses Active Carbon Fiber Heating Elements & Bio-Ceramic Heaters to deliver infrared rays (7-15 micron wavelength), uses very little electricity, can be carried anywhere, and is easy to set up, with variable temperature and time settings.

This foldable FIR sauna dome comes with a carrying bag and a controller with 3 times settings, and 3 temperature settings (35℃ – 85℃)

Foldable, lightweight, easy to carry

The dome won’t cover your entire body in one treatment, but you can place it anywhere over your body when you lay down on your bed, your sofa, or a carpet.

The body part you are treating must be naked, and you can use it twice a day for 30-60 minutes. However, note that this is a relatively high EMF sauna, not fit for sensitive people.

✅ Price – usually over $500, this one is not the most affordable IR sauna, but you can check today’s price on Amazon.

Do Portable Infrared Saunas Work? 

A portable infrared sauna works in the same way as a regular infrared sauna. It uses either carbon panels or carbon fibers to emit deep-penetrating light in the infrared wavelength, or near-infrared bulbs to emit the near-infrared wavelength. It keeps the heat generated surrounding you through either a closed tent, a pod, or a blanket that covers your entire body – except your head.

You’ll get the same pain-relieving and detoxing benefits as a regular infrared sauna.

EMF Radiation in Infrared Sauna vs. Portable Sauna 

portable infrared sauna EMF radiation

Since portable IR saunas are smaller, your body is closer to the infrared emitting material – which almost always emits high electromagnetic radiation. That’s why it’s important to only buy a SAFE and low EMF portable infrared sauna, with EMF blocking elements inside.

EMF radiation in the Interior and above (where your head would come out) should be ranged between 5 – 15 milligauss, and no more.


Portable infrared saunas can be the most cost-effective way to treat your entire body with wonderfully effective infrared rays.

Whether you go for an infrared sauna tent, dome or blanket – make sure to only buy a LOW EMF sauna, to enjoy the health benefits – without “cooking” yourself in EMF radiation.

Have questions? concerns? Use the comment section below (we answer everyone), or message us directly on our Facebook page.

To your health and happiness,


Meital James
Founder and CEO of 4 healthy living blogs, has a background in Naturopathic medicine, research, journalism, and nutrition. Her blogs are the culmination of her thousands of hours of research and experience and all the posts are verified by scientific findings.

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  1. Thank you for the great info! Based on it I have purchased Radiant Saunas FIR Rejuvenator. But then I found that a safe level of EMF is 3mG and below. In your research this sauna emits 15mG, means it is not safe? Please explain.

  2. Hi Meital, Thanks for the 2020 information on Infra Red saunas. Can you help with similar info on heated jackets using infrared carbon fibres which are also available on Amazon? I am interested in the safety aspect as these jackets are meant for outdoor use for walkers ,cyclists etc. for long periods of time. They are powered by power banks which last 4 – 8 hours. I have just bought one and also sent one to a friend forChristmas and would like to know if this type of use is considered safe. I live in UK. Thanks, Violet.

    • Hi Violet :) Generally, infrared heated jacketsare safe. I would just check the EMF radiation because the power banks emit radiation so a good jacket would have EMF shielding. Other than that, it’s definitely safe and very helpful :)

  3. Thanks for your message. We have a Durherm that I am using, but my husband is much taller than me and says he is uncomfortable in it, needs more room. Do you know of any of the less expensive ones that would fit a very tall man? He is six foot three inches tall and has very long legs, especially!


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