I Tried the Aduro LED Mask for 30 Days (Review + Before & After)

The Aduro LED mask is the 4th mask I reviewed (yes, I’m a bit obsessed), and the second one I tried for at least 30 days.


We still REALLY wanted to try the Aduro 7+1 LED face mask.


Keep reading below.

aduro LED mask trial review

I wanted to try the Aduro because it has 5 unique qualities no other LED facial mask has:

1. It’s Portable (has a rechargeable battery) – you can move around with it

2. Lightweight material (medical silicone – only 7 ounces)

3. It is a programmable LED mask – 11 pre-programmed treatments to choose from

4. Infrared wavelength included

aduro led mask reviews and trial
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(We were not paid to try this LED facial mask, and we were not given it for free.)

In this post, you’ll see why these qualities made us so curious, how we used it (for 30 days), our review, and our results (plus before and after pictures).

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 Aduro 7+1 LED Mask Trial Results  

aduro face mask review

Before we tell you how we used it and how it works, I’m sure you want to see my results, right?

Here’s what my skin looked like before:

before led facial

Aduro LED Mask Before and After

Here are the before pictures:

aduro led mask before and after

And here are the after pictures:

aduro led mask results
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I wasn’t expecting overnight miraculous results, but overall my skin looks more glowy and slightly firmer, and I definitely noticed wrinkle reduction – in the nasolabial area and frown lines (hurray!)

I also noticed a slight improvement in my hyperpigmentation and skin redness between the eyebrows.

Overall I’m thrilled with the results (been asked a few times if I’ve “done any work”), I think that this mask is well worth its price, and definitely will continue to use it for 30 more days or longer.

Now, let’s see exactly how I used it:

First, here’s what you get in the box:

aduro led mask unboxing

There is the mask, the controller with all the treatment options, instructions, and a charger.

The mask It is a thick rubbery feeling mask that fits well around the face. The edges are quite soft so I think it will fit around all face shapes.

The back of the mask is joined by Velcro and It holds up well with no slipping which is important if you want to get on with doing things while the mask is on.

How I used the Aduro LED Mask

Since my main issues are wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation, I used 3 (alternating) treatments – 5 times a week:

1. Skin booster

2. Wrinkle Reducer

3. Skin Balancer

Each treatment lasted 20 minutes before the mask automatically shut off.

It was extremely easy to use. I fully charged it with the USB cable, and the charging lasted for 4 treatments each time.

I only strapped it on my face, chose the treatment from the controller, and usually proceeded to do my dishes (or just rest on the sofa).

The mask leaves the skin slightly warm (in a pleasant way), especially if you use the treatment that includes infrared light therapy (which is experienced as heat).

I followed each treatment with a Vitamin C serum and moisturizer.

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The feeling afterward is great. If you allow yourself the time to sit back and relax – you’ll enjoy a stress relief bonus – which all of us need.

I masked 5 times a week – allowing my skin to regenerate on the weekends.

Aduro LED Mask Review: 5 Unique Reasons I Had to Try it

Here are the reasons we tried the mask:

1. No Confusion about the Right Color and Treatment Time

There are 8 different LED colors (wavelengths) included in the mask:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Light orange
  • Purple
  • Turquoise-blue
  • Infrared (invisible)

👉 See the complete guide to chromotherapy lights (benefits and uses of each color)

But the question is:

Which color do you need? Should you combine multiple colors? And for how long?

Here’s why you won’t need to go researching for the answers:

The Aduro LED mask is a  programmable LED mask  that includes 11 different pre-programmed treatments you can choose from.

This is the most important feature in the Aduro LED mask.


Because it eliminates confusion about which colors to use and for how long.

Want to treat acne?

You just choose the “acne-buster’ option on the controller, and the mask lights up with the blue color wavelength (proven to destroy acne-causing bacteria) and shuts off automatically after the required treatment time.

aduro led mask for acne
Aduro LED mask acne resultssee more on the site (don’t forget our coupon code MEITAL20)

Want to reduce wrinkles?

Choose either “skin booster” (infrared + red) or “wrinkle reducer” (red) from the controller – and go do whatever you want until the mask shuts off automatically.

aduro led mask for wrinkles results
Aduro LED Mask Wrinkles results

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2. The 11 LED Skin Treatments in the Aduro Face Mask

Here’s the complete list of skin treatments you can choose from, directly from the controller:

 Skin booster – combines both red light and infrared (invisible) wavelengths – proven to promote collagen production in your skin, improve skin tone, and radiance.

The infrared wavelength, which is felt as heat, penetrates deeper into the skin and promotes healing of the skin and pain relief.

👉 Want to know how? See all about infrared light therapy health benefits)

Acne Buster – blue light therapy was scientifically proven to kill acne-causing bacteria (up to 70%), which effectively treats blemishes and acne spots – in just a few days.

It’s the best treatment to prevent acne breakouts.

Cell Rejuvenation – this treatment uses purple light (red with blue), which can increase cell regeneration, prolong cell life, and cleanse the skin.

This treatment is great for combination skin.

Skin Balancer – green light can even the skin complexion, treat hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and redness.

Red away – yellow light can reduce redness (learn about red light for Rosacea) and treat sunburns, psoriasis, and eczema.

red light therapy before and after
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Pain Blocker – cyan light therapy can reduce inflammation and has soothing and pain-relieving properties. It can also reduce swollen capillaries. Great for facial spider veins.

led facial light therapy mask

Radiant Skin – orange light is known to promote skin radiance and promote a brighter glow.

Wrinkle Reducer – Red light therapy promotes collagen, treats scars, reduces inflammation and redness, and promotes skin rejuvenation.

Skin Soother – resembles the skin balancer program

Daily Dose – for everyday maintenance. Cycles through each color wavelength for overall wellness and rejuvenation.

Quick Fix – which cycles through Primary and Secondary light wavelengths for Radiant skin that offers you a collagen boost, anti-redness, anti-inflammation, and wellness.

3. Perfect for Busy People – 100% Portable

The Aduro LED mask kit (one of our 10 most recommended LED light therapy devices) is 100% portable.

All the other masks we tried or researched were not rechargeable, which means you have to plug them into the wall and stay put while you use them.

The Aduro LED mask kit is a rechargeable mask and comes with a USB cable for charging.

You can sit back and relax, but I used it while washing the dishes, doing the laundry, playing with your kids (though they may get a little distracted…) and you can easily take it traveling with you.

Here’s me doing the dishes with it:

portable rechargeable led mask reivew

It has a Velcro strap which helps the mask stay put while you do anything you want (though I wouldn’t recommend jogging with it…)

4. Can Be Used for Pain Relief

The Aduro LED light therapy mask is the only one that includes an invisible infrared wavelength, which is proven to naturally and effectively relieve pain.

If you suffer from painful acne, Rosacea pain, redness, or any other skin condition that causes pain – choose the “skin booster” treatment, which includes infrared.

5. Weighs Only 7 Ounces!

The Aduro is the most lightweight mask we’ve seen or heard of.

Most masks are made with plastic, which makes them feel heavy and awkward on your face (this was one of the downsides we found when we tried the Project E Beauty mask)

This one is made with medical silicone, which is flexible (it easily conforms to the shape of your face) and lightweight.

How to Use the Aduro LED Mask

  1. Start on a clean face by removing any traces of makeup and dirt from your skin by using a makeup remover and your facial cleanser.
  2. Choose your program, according to the skin condition which bothers you most.
  3. Sit back and relax or go about your business as usual – it’s up to you.
  4. When the mask automatically shuts off, apply your preferred moisturizer.

The manufacturer recommends using 4 times a week, but we think that 5 times is even better.


Seeing results will take time. We would expect visible results only after at least 2 weeks.

LED facials at Home: Any Downsides?

The main downside of this mask is probably the price.

It’s over $300 (with free international shipping).


If you set aside a budget for a beauty gadget, this one is a good investment.

Its portable design and ease of use will help you stick with the treatment – which is the most critical factor in LED treatment success rate.

Here’s how I see it:

The Aduro LED mask price is about the same as 6 LED facials in a clinic (which will get you nowhere).

But when you have this mask at home, you can use it indefinitely and keep enjoying the results.

(And don’t forget our coupon code – MEITAL10)

This makes this home LED mask a cost-effective investment.

Bottom Line

After using this mask 5 times a week for 4 weeks, I can definitely recommend (and I have – to my friends and family) the Aduro LED mask.

Where to Buy the Aduro LED Mask (& Coupon Code)

I recommend buying the Aduro Mask from the official site, where you can use my coupon code MEITAL20 to get $20 off, and free shipping within 2-5 days.

In conclusion, I would also add that to me it seems like the best LED face mask in 2024, and here’s why:

  • The portability and ease of use increase the chance of sticking with the skincare treatment and seeing visible, satisfying results (I’ve been asked numerous times whether I’ve done Botox or a facelift).
  • It includes all colors and treatments for all skin conditions.
  • It fits all skin types
  • It includes infrared rays which can be used for pain relief
  • It’s comfortable and lightweight

Aduro LED Mask vs. Project E Beauty 

Since we’ve also tried the Project E Beauty LED mask, many of our readers are asking me which LED mask I prefer.

My answer is always the same:

While the Project E Beauty LED mask costs much less than the Aduro, it is more rigid and less comfortable and you can’t move around with it like you can with the Aduro. Plus, the Aduro has the convenient 11 programs to choose from, while the Project E mask only offers to switch between the lights yourself.

aduro vs project e beauty led mask

So, what’s better for you?

Both LED masks have the same technology and can deliver the same results. The Aduro mask is more comfortable to use and more versatile, and that’s why it costs much more. It’s up to you to figure out whether budget or comfort is your top priority at this point.

👉 Get 5% off the Project E Beauty LED mask with our coupon code MEITAL05 on the official site.

👉 Get $20 off the Aduro LED Mask with coupon code MEITAL20 – on the official site.

Like I said in the beginning, I was not paid to review this mask, or given it for free. This is my honest opinion.

Aduro LED Mask FAQ

How Long Does a Treatment Last?

The manufacturer advises doing 1 treatment of 20 minutes every day, using the built-in timer or available programs.

However, we recommend not doing more than 5 treatments per week because the skin needs a few days to regenerate between sessions.

The most important aspect of treatments is consistency.

How do you clean the Aduro LED Mask?

To clean an LED mask, unplug and turn it off, then use a damp, soft cloth with a mild cleaning detergent (without alcohol) to clean it.

When you are done, dry it well with a clean dry cloth.

Can you use cosmetics with LED Masks?

It is important to use an LED mask on a dry and clean face to prevent heavy cosmetics from blocking the light.

However, you can use your cosmetics after treatments, preferably special serums for LED light therapy.

If you use cosmetics with retinol, do not apply them at least 8 hours before treatments because retinol causes skin sensitivity to light.

To your health and happiness,


100 thoughts on “I Tried the Aduro LED Mask for 30 Days (Review + Before & After)”

  1. I have had the Aduro for about 2 years and it is one of the better ones. You can wrap the strap around your head and it stays in place or lay down and relax and it covers the entire face at once. All the handheld ones really tire your hand and arm very quickly as you have to hold it against your face and move it every so many minutes. I hardly ever use my handheld one after I got the Aduro. It was worth the cost as it is an investment, and I definitely have seen improvement in my skin texture overall.

  2. I’ve been trying to decide between the Lightstim for Wrinkles, Project E LED Mask or now the Aduro LED mask since reading this review.

    Since I think I really would only be using it for anti-aging purposes, my thinking is the main difference for my purposes between the Project E and Aduro is comfort and portability. And obviously if I got something like the Aduro, I would have no need for the Lightstim. Does that sound accurate?

    $300+ is still a huge investment so I’m torn, but I figure better to make the investment than regret it down the road after spending still a good amount of money on the other options. Are you still using your Aduro pretty regularly?

    • Yes, I still use the Aduro, but now I use my new handheld red & infrared device with micro-vibration – and I love it even more – but it’s more expensive. It’s $400 (with a $80 coupon). The Aduro, for now, is not being sent to the US due to the virus outbreak. I know it’s a huge investment so I understand why you are hesitant…

    • If you only want it for anti aging and nothing else I would 100% suggest the Current Body one, it has amazing reviews and some from celebrities that love it too, it also has NIR whereas the Aduro has IR

  3. Most reviews say you have to wear goggles with these masks, however I notice you say you don’t and do household chores with it on. Is this mask totally safe for your eyes.

    • I believe that it depends on the mask you are using and the way it is built. When I use the Aduro mask, the light doesn’t reach my eyes directly and so I can use it without goggles. The reason is that it is made from silicone that fits your face more and stays put. Other masks are built differently and I used them with my eyes clothes and a piece of cloth folded under it in the nose area so it doesn’t feel too heavy and leave marks on my face.

  4. Yes, you can red light therapy after microneedling, though I would wait for the skin to heal for a few days first. I haven’t heard about the Biodash. I looked at it and I don’t know if those tiny LED bulbs are powerful enough, but if they have a good return policy you can always try it.

  5. Hi!
    It’s great that you can change the settings to omit different color of light depending on your needs. Can you please send me the Nano meters or Wavelength for each color of the Aduro face mask. Thank you!

  6. Hello,
    Do you know what the wavelength of the infrared light is on this mask? Is it near, medium, or far infrared?

    Thanks very much

  7. Hi, thank you for your thorough review! I bought this mask and realized quickly that most of the light settings are too bright for me, even with eyes shut. The green is fine. I could never wear this while doing other things. The goggles provided dig into my eye sockets (painfully so). I have blue eyes and my eye doctor said I should always wear sunglasses outside due to my non-existent eye pigment. I bought some wink-ease dark eye shields (used for tanning or red light therapy) and problem solved! I wear them under the mask and they are very comfortable. I still experience light but it’s not too bright. They have a light adhesive worn next to the skin, and are quite expensive for a large pack but are reusable especially when laying down when they won’t move about. I expect they will last for many years. By the way, it took a long time to receive my mask (about a month) and I started to panic when I realized the tracking information was in another language. Just when I was ready to reach out to the company, the unit arrived. So far I haven’t been able to use the device enough to say it’s helping but now that I have the eye shields I will use often.

  8. Hello. It is acceptable to undergo a timed cycle of one color light, leave the mask on and start another timed cycle for another color light, and so on? (i.e., when the timer goes off for one, can I just switch to another color and start again?) Thank you. I work from home at a computer for a good portion of the day. It would be great to do this while I work; then I wouldn’t have to “make” more time for it separately.

  9. Hi,
    I am interested in purchasing a mask, for improved skin and wrinkles. At the moment I use prescription rectinol cream, can I carry on using that whist using the mask. Also do they deliver to the UK.

    • Hi Helen. It is not advised to use products that make the skin sensitive to light – before treatments. After treatment, it should be o.k. Yes, they do deliver to the UK.

  10. Hi Meiital,I recieved a redlight only mask recently. Used 3min, 5min and 9 min.. s
    Seems I am sensitive to the redlight. My skin turned red and the red blotches stays. Suppose it wil go brown in a few days time.
    I would like to upgrade to the 7 light model in order to use green light
    How do I go about making the exchange.

    • Make sure you are not using skin care products that make the skin sensitive to light. As for the exchange, I’ll give your name and email to their support and I’m sure they’ll contact you shortly, but you’ll have to let me know who you ordered it from.

  11. No problems…I’m in the military and moving soon overseas, so didn’t know how long it usually took to ship.

  12. Can I use this on my scalp to regrow hair, I have psoriasis and I know that infrared and red light therapies help. Wondering if this will work on my scalp, I wanted to get a two-in-one device as well as and he aging. Do you know if this is delivered to Canada? If there’s extra charges at all? Warranty?

  13. Hi, I just received my mask and I was wondering how do you clean it? I read in the directions to use a damp cloth but it’s leaving behind lint when I do it. I’m thinking of purchasing some mask wipes that are alcohol free. Any suggestions?

    • First, if you use it on a clean face as directed, you won’t need to clean it very often, because it doesn’t cause any sweating. And alcohol-free wipes sound o.k to me. :)

  14. Hi,
    My face is very dry after washing my face. Is it ok to put on a serum prior to putting on the mask so my skin wouldn’t be so dry while having the mask on? Will it create the same benefit?

    • Through my research, in most cases using LED therapy will not cause fillers or Botox to dissipate more quickly. Normally a person should wait a couple days to let the fillers settle a bit, then start using the LEDs slowly.

  15. Hello,
    Which mask would you recommend the Aduro or the project e mask? I have acne scars, occasional break outs, developing Melasma, and some fine line are starting to form.

    • I recommend both, but the Aduro costs much more because it’s more comfortable to use. It really depends on your budget and how much comfort is going to affect you with being consistent. Consistency is key to seeing results with treatment.

  16. Hi – I use a retinol product at night. Do you know if it’s safe to use with it? I know to use sunscreen with sunlight but didn’t know if these wavelengths were different so it’s safe to use. Thanks!

    • It’s not safe to use red light therapy after using retinol because it causes skin sensitivity to light, that’s why you are using sunscreen. If you do, make sure to use the mask at least 12 hours after the retinol.

  17. Hi Meital, Got my mask today, and wearing / writing just now! Quick question on the 3 programmes you used (alternating) 5 times a week. A take that to mean the full 20 minutes on each programme, but only used 20 minutes x 5 times in a week. You don’t mean 3 x 20 x 5, correct?

    • Hi Patty:)
      I mean used only 1 of the 3 programs every day – 20 minutes every day. Doing 3 programs one after the other is overdosing… I hope this helps and let me know your results o.k? :)

  18. Hi – when wearing the mask, how do you keep your eyes safe from the light? I want to do chores while wearing the mask but I’m concerned about damage to my eyes.

    • To me, the light doesn’t feel too bright. If you strap it well enough so it doesn’t move – you will hardly notice the light, and there are no bulbs directly near your eyes. If you are concerned you can choose to not use while doing your chores and use a folded piece of cloth over your eyes and close them.

  19. Not at the moment because the US site is currently being upgraded. I’ll update the post when this changes. I’m curious though: why a week max.?:)

  20. Hi!

    Have you tried the Beauty by light LED mask?
    Its at a much cheaper price but boast similar programs? I was wondering if you could do a comparison?

    I’m stuck between both, mostly for the price.

    • I went into their official website. From what I see this LED mask is more like the Project E beauty one – made with hard plastic and has 7 different lights. There are no pictures of the different modes it’s supposed to have or for the remote control or anything for that matter. Again, this does not resemble the Aduro mask at all – it’s more like the Project E Beauty one (I’ve reviewed it here – https://www.infrared-light-therapy.com/led-light-therapy-face-masks/). It could be just fine, but I haven’t tried it. I hope this helps :)

  21. Hello there,
    Thank you for your all information about these masks.
    I would like to ask you some question before go ahead. I don’t really know which type of skin I have but since I am little I have always had circles red and puffiness under my eyes. And I don’t have so much collagen around my eyes so turning now 23 I start to see that when I smile I have wrinkles and lines of expressions ( or maybe because getting old or smoking ) under my eyes and around my eyes. I always look old! And my wish is to fix this area as is the only area that makes me feel old and tired. Also as I really don’t have much skin around my eyes I can see 2 veins in both eyes area. In one is more visible than the other . would like to ask you which one can be the best treatment for my eyes area and also my mouth area. I would like my skin overall very fit no imperfection of holes when I am smiling. But as much symmetric, as I can.
    I would like to send you a picture of my face so that you can understand better my problem.
    Also if u have any eyes cream recommendation can be a really helpful information for me. The important is that works.
    Thank you very much for trying to help us all
    Hope to hear from you soon

    • Milena I would definitely try a LED mask. The effect of red light therapy can be seen on your entire face, not just specific areas – because it increases circulation all over your face. As for eye cream – I use Castor oil mixed with some coconut oil and it works great for me.

  22. Hi, is the Aurora the one you recommend for roseacea ? Also my biggest treatment area is my nose.
    In Australia so will use the code for $10 off! I’m going to have a red led therapy package this week x 3 to start things off as my nose is very red inflamed also my forehead.. thanks Erin

    • Yes, Erin:) I recommend it for Rosacea – use the blue light and then the red light. I think that one of the plans on the remote control has a combined red & blue treatment. Don’t forget to use the coupon code and good luck!

    • Can you use the lights individually or do you have to use the presets? Also, you say they recommend 20 minutes for treatment. Is that 20 per color? I would like to use different colors to treat different problems so that would amount to several 20 minute sessions per day. Is that correct? Or will that be too much?

      • You have to use the presets with this mask, but they combine the best colors for certain treatments in the first place, and treatment time won’t exceed 20 minutes. In my experience, a few treatments of 20 minutes daily may be overdoing it.

  23. Hi Meital
    Are u still using the mask? Been using mine everyday for about a week now. I believe that I am older than you …have more areas to improve. One area I am working on is wrinkles/feathering around my mouth. Currently using red/infared. The mask does not have a light strip in the area under the nose. I know the light somewhat reflects onto that area. But don’t know if it’s adequately working without direct contact with a light strip. Do u have any info on that subject? Have u tried it on neck, chest or hands?

    • Hi Ann:)
      Even if you feel your skin needs more treatment, I would still advise you to not use the mask for more than 5 days a week – to allow the skin to regenerate. It’s not important to have a light strip on every part of your face because the light increases blood circulation in the entire face so don’t worry about it. Yes, I still love the mask and I’ve been able to keep my results so far. I haven’t tried it on my chest, neck or hands. You can go ahead and try it, but I would recommend avoiding the neck area if you have any Thyroid issues. I hope this helps :)

  24. Hi Meital, I have found your reviews of the different masks really interesting, so many thanks for this information as it certainly makes it easier for me to assess each of the different masks. I would be grateful if you could help me with a few questions before I go ahead and buy a mask, as in New Zealand the Aduro retails at $499.00. How many different mask trials did you do and over what total period of time ? For example from what Ive read it appears you used the Project E Beauty mask first for 30 days then went to the trail the Aduro so the final Aduro results were after 60 days use of 2 types of masks . I am 57 , so would I see similar results after 4 weeks of just using the Aduro mask or would it be 60 days before I did. I hope that makes sense ? Obviously aging skin at 57 is a reality,with other issues such as issues is large pores, which congest easily , heavy nasolabial folds, broken capillaries & uneven texture. Having both sensitive and combination skin has made it challenging over the years as many of the anti aging and skin balancing products set my skin off. So wanting to check the Aduro mask is safe for sensitive skin and gives me the freedom to use all of the programmed settings, or are there some I should avoid ? I would really appreciate your feedback. Many thanks

    • Thanks for your feedback:)
      I still use the Aduro mask to this day and so far keeping the results I’ve achieved – which is great. Every person is different and I can’t tell you how long it will take before you see results, but I know you’ll have to be consistent and patient. :)
      There is no problem with using the Aduro for sensitive skin – with all programs. To be on the safe side start gradually and see how your skin reacts to different treatments. I hope this helps and let me know how it works for you o.k? :)
      One more not – if you order through the Australian website you can use our special discount code LIGHT10.

  25. Hi Meital, thanks so much for taking the time to review the face mask. I’ve been wondering if you can wear a sheet mask under this. Also do you think the FOREO UFO is gimmicky compared to this? Thanks

    • Red light therapy should be used on a clean face without sheet masks on it, because it may interfere with light penetration into your skin. However, you can use it right after the mask treatment with no problem. As for the FOREO, I don’t know enough about it to give you a good answer… :)

    • Light therapy should be used on a clean face with nothing on it. After treatment you can use anything you’d like, including Aloe Vera of course. Just don’t use any cream that causes light sensitivity in the skin (like retinol).

      • What about the ultrasonic device from project E that has led light therapy as well? They recommend using it with your moisturizer /aloe vera gel or creme to absorb it better. Do you think that the LED light will cause a side effect with the aloe vera in that device?

  26. Hello! What is the strength in nm’s ( I guess that’s nano meters? ) of this mask? I see it listed for some of the masks but not all. I love the review but I want the strongest possible nm’s for the price. The Deese lists theirs as 630nm. I also want to treat my neck. If I buy this mask which wand do you recommend in conjunction with the mask to cover face and neck areas?
    Thank you for your research. It has been quite helpful. This is a confusing area of beauty care. I am taking from your research that you want to buy the strongest nm’s available and have infrared light as well as led lights in the device. Is that true? The very expensive Perfectio ($4,000) seems to heat up helping absorption? I am about to purchase something but of course I am not buying that one. I’m just wondering how it is different and why they charge so much?

    • The wavelengths used by the mask are not the same as strength. Each light serves a different purpose. For example, the red light is 630 nm, and the blue light is 415 nm. Infrared light is about 830 nm.
      This mask has many different wavelengths – each color has its own.
      The Aduro comes with a wand and you can try and strap it around your neck to treat it. However, you should make sure that you don’t have any thyroid problems, because there’s some controversy about using light therapy on the thyroid area. Some research says it’s helpful, others say it can cause some damage.
      The mask that you mentioned (Perfectio) heats up – this means that it uses infrared light – which is experienced as heat.
      The prices are different because each mask uses a different amount of bulbs (which affects the strength) and there’s also a matter of branding. It’s the same as the buying a simple non branded t-shirt or buying the same t-shirt from Ralph Lauren. Same product, a very different price. I hope this helps :)

  27. I heard that red light can bring melisma back and i should use green light instead. Are you aware of that ? I am interested in buying Adure but i prefer to use red light.

    • There is conflicting research about red light therapy and melasma. Some say it improves it, some say it can worsen it. Yes, you can use green light instead, and the Aduro that you are interested in has the green light, along with many other lights – each one can be used separately. I hope this helps and good luck!

    • Infrared light (heat) and laser or IPL does in fact make your skin appear better AT FIRST, then melasma may come back worse than ever. My dermatologist was very specific about this since I have very bad Melasma (not to be confused with other types of hyper-pigmentation like freckles). Melasma is a hormonal-caused skin condition and is very, very difficult to treat. My dermatologist said absolutely no lasers or IPL or sun, since all his patients returned with worse melasma. Any “heat” element, such as the sun, IPL and lasers can INCREASE MELASMA. To date, the only FDA approved treatment that has results for melasma is the “Cosmelan Mask” only provided by dermatologist, followed by the “Cosmelan II” cream for continued results.

      That said, I had heard that NON-infrared light such as the green light of the Auduro Mask supposedly will not increase melasma and may help. That’s why I’m considering getting one, as well as to help with my Rosacea (red flushing, that can include red skin bumps similar to acne)

        • Hi, I’ve just ordered the aduro and have melasma on right cheek so green light is recommended I see, so what do I do when wanting to use the other colours for wrinkles etc?

          • Katrina, you can use all the other lights other than the red, because those are not known (to my knowledge) to increase melasma, and they can also be beneficial for wrinkles.

  28. Hi do you recommend this over project E for acne rosacea (papulopustular rosacea) ?
    What about for wrinkles which of the 2 showed better results?

    • They both delivered the same results for me. However, if you only need 2 lights (blue for acne and red for wrinkles) – you can go for the Project E one, which is less expensive. This is just what I think, I hope it helps.

  29. Qaiser,
    Don’t worry. You probably did not return back to the site after paying with PAYPAL, which is why you didn’t get a confirmation email. I know this from experience. I’m sending your details to their sales representative right now and they’ll be in touch with you soon. Again, don’t worry about it.
    Let me know when everything is o.k :)

  30. Hi,

    Thanks for the review. I used your link to make the purchase. I just wanted to ask as its been a few days, when you made your purchase, did you receive a confirmation email from aduro directly? I paid through paypal and received a confirmation from paypal but haven’t received anything from Aduro. Reached out to their digital sales team directly but am still awaiting a reply. Grateful for any information that you could provide. Thanks!

      • Hi!

        Just wanted to let you know they got in touch with me and I have now received my LED Mask :) Thank you for helping out! Hope to see good results like you!

        • I am really considering getting this mask and am still nervous because of the price tag and no satisfaction guarantee. How are you liking it Veronica? I am 52 with pretty good skin, however the crows feet, and eleven lines are getting on my nerves! Just want to look as best I can, and would use this in conjunction with my microcurrent device I got a year ago which has helped a lot. Thanks for answering!

  31. Interesting article, but some points that should be cleared up. Currently, the Aduro mask is not listed on the FDA site as being cleared for any indication. In addition, a number of the colors that are listed by the manufacturer have never been clinically proven. Green, for example, is often cited as having an effect on pigmentation, but there is no clinical evidence for this, the same for orange. I am not aware of a single study on Orange wavelengths? Moreso studies show red and NIR have an effect on pigmentation (see the publications on acne and wrinkles by SY Lee).
    It is well regarded that there are 3 main wavelengths that have been clinically proven, blue (415nm) red (633nm) and NIR (830nm), some studies also indicate that yellow (590nm) has some effect on wound healing. There is a recent paper by J Jagdeo which is a useful reference https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1002/lsm.22791


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