Platinum Red Light Therapy Review (vs. Red Light Rising)

platinum led review vs. red light rising

Platinum LED Therapy Lights and Red Light Rising are two of the leading red light therapy brands in the market.

Health and wellness practitioners, athletes, dermatologists, and biohackers –  already have a LED light therapy panel at their disposal to use any time they want to, and it’s definitely one of the best LED light therapy devices to have at home.

Now it’s our turn 😉

So, how do you choose the best LED therapy panel for your needs?
Do the wavelengths matter? And what are output and irradiance? Which size is best?

In this post, I’ll show you everything you need to know about Platinum LED Therapy Lights vs. Red Light Rising, and how to choose the best LED lights for pain relief, muscle performance, skin anti-aging and health, hair growth, blood circulation, cellulite reduction, and more.

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How Did We Compare?

how to choose LED Therapy Panels

What should you look for?

1. The exact wavelengths offered by the device (each wavelength has its own benefits – more on that below)

2. Light energy output and irradiance – these influence the amount of light generated and absorbed into your body and the effectiveness of the light treatment.

3. Panel size – determined by the area size you want to treat and your goals.

4. Value – the quality, experience of the company, customer service, money-back guarantee, and warranty.

5. Price 

We’ve compared Platinum LED therapy light and Red Light Rising using these important criteria to help you make the most cost-effective possible.

Find out our results below, beginning with a short comparison table:

LED Light Therapy PanelsLEDs & IrradianceWavelengthsEMFPrice
Biomax 300
100 LEDs
150 mw/cm2
5 red & infrared wavelengthsEMF - 0v/m$629 at Platinum LED
Red Light Rising Half Stack 2.0
100 LEDs
84 mW/cm2
2 red & infrared wavelengthsEMF - 12v/m
$540 with code meital at Red Light Rising

Platinum Red Light Therapy Review (vs. Red Light Rising)

Platinum LED is one of the leading global industry leaders in designing and manufacturing high-power LED panels – since 2010.

The company claims that its new design – the BIOMAX – provides the highest amount of irradiance compared to any other LED therapy light on the market, and is being used by many athletes and medical professionals.

The new series (BIOMAX 600 and BIOMAX 900), has a patent-pending IR+ | NIR+ spectral output (which means they combine 5 different red & near-infrared wavelengths at the same time).

Platinum LED Biomax Series

They design their (FDA-cleared) products to fit customers from all around the globe, with lights that auto-adapt to all 110 V and 220-240 V systems, global express shipping, and global warranty and trial support.

Red Light Rising was founded in 2017 by James Strong, a former professional Rugby player, and James Gohl, a biohacking and wellness enthusiast.

Their most popular LED panels are the Half Stack 2.0, and the Full Stack 2.0 of the Origin Series, featuring two wavelengths – 660nm (red) and 850nm (near-infrared) precise wavelengths.

Red Light Rising reviews

They offer free shipping in Europe and charge a small fee for shipping outside Europe.

And now, let’s get to the important differences between Platinum and Red Light Rising:

1. Wavelengths

BrandRed WavelengthsNear Infrared Wavelengths
🥇 Platinum Biomax 660 nm
630 nm
810 nm
830 nm
850 nm
Red Light Rising660 nm850 nm

Both Platinum LED lights and Red Light Rising feature red and near-infrared light wavelengths (measured in nanometers). Each wavelength has its own applications.

Red light therapy ranges from 630nm to 660nm, and NIR ranges from 810nm to 850nm.

The longer the wavelength, the deeper the light penetrates your body.

👉 Platinum LED has 5 wavelengths:

  1. 660 nm – reaches the entire range of skin tissue and targets inflammation, swelling, pain, relief, muscle fatigue
  2. 850 nm – amplifies the benefits provided by the 810nm and 830nm wavelengths (anti-inflammatory, muscle recovery, wounds, anti-aging, and more)
  3. 630 nm – targets all skin concerns including wrinkles, sagging, hair growth, psoriasis, etc.
  4. 810 nm – targets neurological issues (can penetrate through the skull and treat the brain)
  5. 830 nm – accelerates healing, recovery from injury and surgery, bone repair and growth

80% of the new BioMax spectral range is 850 nm near-infrared light.

What about Red Light Rising?

👉 Red Light Rising panels include 2 wavelengths – 660nm (red) and 850nm (near-infrared).

🥇 WinnerPlatinum LED Therapy Panels have a broader range of red and near-infrared wavelengths, which creates a synergistic combination when all are used together.
Biomax 300 review
Biomax 300$629 at Platinum LED 

However, wavelengths are not the whole story. Next, we’ll examine the “juice” – the power output:

2. LEDs and Power Output (Irradiance)

BrandNumber of LEDsPower Output
🥇 Platinum Biomax 600
(36" x 9" x 3")
200 LEDs129 mw/cm2
Red Light Rising
Full Stack

(48" x 7" x 2.5")
200 LEDs110mW/cm2

For these light wavelengths to work their magic, the lights must be powerful.

With LED lights, the wavelength and the total energy (“irradiance”) emitted are the most important determinants of efficacy. [source]

The power output of the LEDs and the total number of LEDs are most important when it comes to the efficiency of treatment.

Let’s compare the 2 most popular models of Platinum and Red Light Rising – Platinum BioMax 600 and Red Light Rising Half Stack:

  1. BioMax 600 (36″ x 9″ x 3″) has 200 LEDs and a total power output of 129 mw/cm2 – at 6 inches away.
  2. Red Light Rising Full Stack (48″ x 7″ x 2.5″) has 200 LEDs and a total power output of 110mW/cm2 – at 6 inches away.

It seems that both these similar-sized panels (full body coverage) have about the same power output.

🥇 WinnerPlatinum LED, but only by a little bit.
Platinum Biomax modular design
Platinum Biomax 300+600 – $1628 at Platinum LED

3. EMF Radiation

BrandEMF Levels
🥇 Platinum Biomax 600
Red Light Rising
Full Stack

Red Light Therapy panels EMF radiation comparison

Obviously, the healthy and safe use of LED light therapy panels requires low EMF radiation.

With good engineering practices, EMF fields can be dramatically reduced and/or shielded.

Through our research, here’s what we found:

  1. BioMax 600 emits 0v/m at a 6-inch distance
  2. Red Light Rising Full Stack 2.0 emits 12v/m at a 6-inch distance
🥇 Winner – The obvious winner in the EMF category is Platinum BioMax 600.

All Platinum LED panels have shields to prevent the LED drivers, the LED board, and the power cables from emitting EMFs.

You can see a live EMF test below:

4. Price and Shipping

Platinum Biomax 600
$999 Free USA shipping
Platinum Biomax 900
$1259Free USA shipping
🥇 Red Light Rising Half Stack
$472 with code meitalFree shipping in Europe
🥇 Red Light Rising Full Stack
$790 with code meitalFree shipping in Europe

We’ll compare the prices of each company’s two best-selling models:

Platinum LED Therapy Lights Price

BioMax 600 – $999 and free shippingat Platinum LED

biomax 600 review
Biomax 600

BioMax 900 – $1259

Red Light Rising Cost

Half Stack 2.0 – $568 with free shipping in Europe and a small shipping fee outside Europe

Full Stack 2.0 – $951 with free shipping in Europe and a small shipping fee outside Europe

Plus, when you purchase 2 panels – you get at least a $100 discount and a rack stand to set them up.

🥇 Winner of the half-body category (BioMax 600 vs. Half Stack) – Red Light Rising

Red Light Rising Light Discount Code

To get 5% off your order at Red Light Rising, use coupon code meital – at checkout.

🥇 Winner of the full-body category (BioMax 900 vs. Full Stack) – Red Light Rising

Warranty & Money Back Guarantee

Platinum LEDs’ BioMax came out number one with their 3-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee. However, they will charge a 20% restocking fee if you decide to return it.

Red Light Rising also gives you a 3-year warranty and a 60-day trial period and charges a 15% restocking fee if you decide to return it.

🥇 WinnerRed Light Rising – due to the lower restocking fee.
Red Light Rising Half Stack 2.0 review
Half Stack 2.0 – $540 with coupon code meital – use at checkout

Platinum LED Therapy Pros and Cons

To conclude my research, here are the pros and cons of the new BIOMAX series from Platinum LED Therapy:


  • Highest power output
  • Unique 5-wavelength technology
  • Modular design
  • Low sound and flicker
  • Zero EMF levels
  • Good customer support and more than 9 years of experience
  • 3-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee, financing options
  • Built-in timer
  • Safety goggles included
  • Country-specific plug


  • Higher prices

Red Light Rising Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Red Light Rising Origin Series:


  • Competitive price (use coupon code MEITAL to save 5% – at checkout!)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, 3-year warranty, a lower restocking fee
  • Country-specific plug
  • Good customer service


  • No modular capability
  • No financing options

Battle of the Red: The Winner

Though I do see a clear winner here, we all have different needs and budget limits. Here’s a final comparison table with the winner in each category, so you can decide based on your preferences.

For example, if you mainly want to use red light therapy for skin issues and anti-aging, you don’t need the largest panel and the highest power output. I’ve had great results with my low-power LED face mask – for more than a year now.

Category🥇 Winner
Number of WavelengthsPlatinum LED Therapy
LEDs & IrradiancePlatinum LED Therapy
EMF LevelsPlatinum LED Therapy
PriceRed Light Rising
Trial & WarrantyTie
(Red Light Rising wins restocking fee)
Modular DesignPlatinum LED Therapy

LED Therapy Lights Benefits and Uses 

The red and near-infrared wavelengths you’ll find inside Platinum LED Therapy and Red Light Rising are proven (in over 3000 studies) to have major health and beauty benefits, including:

  • Increased muscle performance and reduced muscle fatigue
  • Faster recovery after injuries
  • Blood circulation improvement (and thus more oxygen and nutrients)
  • Inflammation reduction in muscles, joints, and bones
  • Faster healing from chronic skin conditions
  • Improved collagen production (which means fewer wrinkles and less skin sagging)
  • Stimulation of melatonin production (better sleep)
  • Weight loss and cellulite reduction
  • Nerve healing and regeneration
  • Stimulation of hair growth
  • Faster healing from traumatic brain injury, stroke, or neurodegenerative disorders.

Red Light Therapy Wavelengths 

red light therapy wavelengths

The red light spectrum ranges from approximately 620 nm to 750 nm. The red light wavelengths that have the most scientifically proven benefits are 630 nm and 660 nm.

630 nm wavelength – ideal for targeting skin concerns. 630 nm wavelength penetrates into the skin cells and was proven to promote collagen production and thus reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It was also proven to stimulate hair growth, reduce skin redness caused by Psoriasis, Eczema, and Rosacea, and heal acne scars.

You can find this wavelength inside most red LED light therapy home devices.

660 nm wavelength – penetrating just a little deeper than the 630 nm wavelength, the 660 nm reaches into the entire range of the skin tissue to promote healing and regeneration.

Proven benefits include anti-inflammatory effects, improved bone healing, relieving nerve pain, and swelling after surgeries, wound healing, and more.

You’ll find this wavelength in laser caps for hair growth, laser combs, LED Face masks, and more.

The Near-infrared wavelength starts at 750 nanometers and extends all the way to 1,200 nm.  The most researched wavelengths are the 810 nm, 830 nm, and 850 nm wavelengths, which are all experienced as heat.

You’ll find the near-infrared wavelength inside an infrared lamp, laser hair removal devices, and more.

810 nm wavelength – penetrates deeper, all the way through the skull and into the brain, and offers musculoskeletal and neurological benefits, including faster muscle recovery, enhanced muscle performance, faster recovery from a stroke and traumatic brain injuries, and hair growth.

830 nm wavelength – A greater quantity of photons are delivered into the tissue with the 830nm wavelength, and the proven benefits include infection prevention, wound healing, increased production of endorphins (“feel-good” hormones), Improved bone repair and growth, and faster recovery from injuries.

850 nm wavelength –  In many cases, the 850nm amplifies the benefits provided by the 810nm and 830nm wavelengths.

This wavelength has a range of therapeutic uses, including joint and muscle pain reduction, enhanced muscle recovery, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, and gum health.

As always, you can always reach out and ask me anything on my Facebook page, in the comment section below, or on our contact page.

To your health and happiness,


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Meital James
Founder and CEO of 4 healthy living blogs, has a background in Naturopathic medicine, research, journalism, and nutrition. Her blogs are the culmination of her thousands of hours of research and experience and all the posts are verified by scientific findings.

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  1. Thank you for your review above it was a good comparison maybe good to do a review featuring another USA company such as NOVA

    What I am going to inform you of is the return policy for Platinum LED when your equipment has been delivered but not functioning properly. We recently purchased a biomax 900 PLATINUM LED and horizontal stand approx early May 2023 for our home in Honolulu HI, approx $1895.00. The equipment was great and the function of the Red/NIR wavelengths were spot on for receiving desired results with muscle fatigue and repair in a torn tendon. We wanted to continue our treatments so we purchased 2-900 Biomax and another horizontal stand $3984.41 and received it around June 3, 2023 at our home in Colorado. Unfortunately once we got our new product and we’re doing our first session in Denver we noticed something very different . THERE WAS NO RED LIGHT BEING OMITTED AT ALL. Only colors of yellow/amber/orange glow but no red and it continues to do so. The only reason we know this, since our previous purchase sent to us in Honolulu is showing all red and NIR lights the full spectrums of lights needed for desired results. Red 610,630,650, and NIR 810-860
    We went back and forth with Platinum LED , via emails, phone, sending pictures to them , the responses were defensive and not customer satisfaction guarantee. Don’t know about anyone else out there that would like to be told “Sorry your equipment isn’t working right, but we think it is YOU NOT OUR PRODUCT. So we will only charge you an additional 20% restocking fee if you want to return it. Well that’s about $400- plus and that isn’t all of it. We had all original packaging as well, but up to their discretion if they decide not to take back or replace. Could you imagine returning an item to Apple and they told you their is a monetary return on your new I-phone even though their is a 60 day return policy.
    If you go on line their are dozens and dozens of complaints from people with more complaints worse then mine.
    Not sure where you go from here when writing your reviews -up to you
    I did enjoy your review on products to use on your skin after your Red/NIR sessions/facial. I purchased 2 The Green Tea extract and one of the serums you recommended Amazon

  2. Thanks for thorough review. Just wanted to leave a warning about PlatinumLED: first they delay your shipment and you can find out about it only AFTER placing the order by visiting their blog (!) Secondly, I kindly asked them not to include invoice into the shipment, but instead they ended up cancelling my order, and doing incomplete refund (!!). I ended up with NO panel and $50 short after their refund. WTF was that? Avoid PlatinumLED and go with any other manufacturer!


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