The 6 Best Infrared (Heated) Gloves for Arthritis/Neuropathy

Infrared heated gloves are proven to relieve hand pain, hand swelling, wrist pain, and general discomfort caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Neuropathy, Raynaud’s, and trigger finger.

They can even improve your grip – if you use them correctly.


How do you choose the best heated gloves for your specific condition? What’s the difference between gloves made with infrared fabric and electric heated gloves?

best infrared gloves arthritis gloves heated gloves

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In this post, you’ll find everything you need to know.

👉 See our short comparison table first, or you can jump to our detailed infrared heated gloves reviews – below.

 Heat/CompressionHand CoveragePrice
IMAK Arthritis Compression Gloves

Most Comfortable
Moderate heat
Moderate compression
Open fingertipsCheck price on Amazon
Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves

Most Durable
Moderate heat
Moderate compression
Open fingertipsCheck price on Amazon
Savior Heated Gloves

Best Battery Operated
High heat (3 temp. settings)
Low compression
Full hand & wristCheck price on Amazon
Comfy Brace Hand Compression Gloves

Best Seller
Moderate heat
Moderate compression
Open fingertipsCheck price on Amazon
Intellinetix Vibrating Gloves

Best Vibrating Gloves
Low heat
Moderate Compression
Moderate vibration
Full hand & wristBest price on FSA Store
Dr. Frederick's Arthritis Gloves
Low - moderate heat
Moderate compression
Open fingertipsCheck price on Amazon or Walmart

Infrared Heated Gloves – Overview

Occupational therapists often recommend infrared gloves to people living with arthritis, neuropathy, Raynaud’s, strained hand ligaments, and more.


Because they can significantly relieve symptoms such as hand and finger pain, stiffness, numbness, tingling, and wrist pain.

There are plenty of infrared gloves on the market.

Some are made with heat-retaining infrared (ceramic) fabric, some are electric (battery operated) FIR gloves, and some are microwaveable.

Some cover the entire hand and fingers, and others leave the top of your fingers exposed.

So, what’s the difference between all these therapeutic gloves?

Arthritis Gloves vs. Infrared Gloves vs. Battery Operated Gloves

Arthritis gloves are usually designed to be somewhat tight, to add compression therapy to the heat and allow for even more blood flow.


They mostly cover only the lower part of your fingers, and you’ll need to wear them for at least 8 hours a day (or at night) – to get the full benefits.

Battery operated heated gloves cover the entire hand, all fingers, and the wrist.

With these gloves, you get external infrared heat therapy along with the heat emitted naturally from your hands, and treatment time can be shorter.


They are bigger, heavier, do not come with compression therapy, and you won’t be able to work with your hands while they are on (but you can sleep comfortably with them).

Keep reading to find the best infrared gloves for your needs.

The 6 Best Infrared (Heated) Gloves – Reviews

Through our research, here are the top-rated infrared gloves in 2020:

1. IMAK Arthritis Compression Gloves  Best Comfort

imak arthritis compression gloves review
IMAK arthritis compression gloves – best price on Amazon
  • Compression – moderate
  • Heat – moderate

IMAK, one of the leading brands of compression products designed for arthritis, has earned the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use badge, for their different types of gloves.

The IMAK lightweight gloves are made with 92% cotton and 8% spandex and are breathable, snug fit, and feel comfortable even if you wear them all day.

They offer light compression and warmth and help to boost circulation to relieve pain and promote healing.

IMAK compression gloves

The open fingertips help you touch and grip and they are perfect for doing your daily chores while you use them.

They do not dry out your hands, and they are great to use in the summer to prevent hand pain and swelling.

👉 The only con is you have to know how to measure your hands to order the right size for you:

Lay a ruler, straight edge, or tape down flat on the table. Then, lay your hand on the numbers; put the Zero at one edge as you are looking down over your hand.

If you see 2 3/4 inches or less, order the XS; more than that and up to 3 1/8 inches you need a Small size.

The Medium is up to 3 1/2 inches and the Large is up to 4 inches.

âś… Price – check today’s price on Amazon

2. Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves Most Durable

thermoskin arthritic gloves review
Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves – best price on Amazon
  • Warmth level – moderate
  • Compression level – moderate

Thermoskin is an Australian based company with 30 years of experience in making arthritic gloves.

These thermal compression gloves are made with Trioxon lining to capture your natural body’s heat, while the outer layer is textured for better grip, to allow for gardening, typing, and household chores.

The anatomically shaped gloves (covering the palms, wrist, and most of the fingers) are mildly compressing, and the seams are strong and durable.

The Thermoskin arthritis gloves are somewhat stiff and may feel uncomfortable for sensitive people, but they are well made and can last in the long term.

Thermoskin gloves for arthritis

âś… Price – check today’s price on Amazon

3. Savior Heated Gloves Best Battery Operated 

savior heated gloves review
Savior Heated Gloves – HIghest heat option – see on Amazon
  • Heat – High
  • Compression – Low

The Savior infrared battery-operated gloves emit infrared rays via carbon fiber fabric and heating elements and can be set to 3 different temperature settings (Low/Medium/High).

👉 These excellent gloves are made with an external layer of 40% lambskin and 60% polyester, breathable, waterproof, and wind-resistant.

The internal part is made of a soft pearl cotton insulation layer with heat elements and a pair of 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

They cover the entire hand and their one size fits everyone, so there’s no need to measure your hands.

savior heated gloves for arthritis neuropathy raynaud's

They are 100% portable, waterproof and wind-resistant, and are designed to use for winter sports, but they can also be used for hand pain treatment, including arthritis, carpal tunnel, Raynaud’s, and Fibromyalgia.

We recommend using these gloves for at least 2-4 hours – twice a day – to get the full benefits.

✅ Price – best price found on Amazon

Interestingly, all four types of pain are decreased or completely relieved while I wear battery-operated heated gloves, even without pain medication. In addition, wearing the gloves decreased the swelling in my fingers to the point that I can now make a fist, which was impossible prior to continuous  heated glove use” – The Rheumatologist

4. Comfy Brace Hand Compression Gloves Best Seller 

Comfy brace hand compression gloves
Comfy Brace compression gloves – best seller on Amazon
  • Compression – moderate
  • Heat – moderate

The Comfy Brace infrared compression gloves are very similar to the IMAK gloves, made with the same material (cotton & spandex) and are also breathable, comfortable, and long-lasting (high-quality stitching).

The light compression and warmth, and the open fingertips prevent swelling and ease hand pain while you run errands, cook, walk the dog, drive, or work on your computer.

The fabric prevents moisture and you can easily hold on to things when you work and are comfortable to sleep with – at night (to wake up without swelling).

infrared gloves on Amazon

The high-quality stitching stays perfect even if you wash and dry it every day, and the company offers a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Amazon buyers love this pair of arthritic gloves and give it very high ratings.

✅ Price – check today’s price on Amazon

5. Intellinetix Vibrating Gloves Best Vibrating 

intellinetix vibrating gloves
Intellinetix Vibrating Gloves – best price on FSA Store
  • Heat – Low
  • Compression – moderate
  • Vibration – moderate

Vibration is a great upgrade when it comes to hand pain relief gloves because it adds the benefits of massage and relaxation to your treatment (and helps distract you from the pain).

The Intelitex soft and breathable gloves slip on just like any other glove, but then, with a push of a button, it starts vibrating gently through small motors inside the fabric, and even a bit of healing heat.

intellinetix compression vibration gloves
Tiny vibrating motors inside the gloves

You’ll only need 20-30 minutes twice a day for long-lasting results, but these vibrating gloves can run for 40 minutes without recharging (with a USB cable.

âś… Price – we found the best price right now – on FSH

6. Dr. Frederick’s Original Arthritis Gloves 

Dr. Frederick's original arthritis gloves review
Dr. Frederick’s original arthritis gloves – best seller on Walmart
  • Heat – low- moderate
  • Compression – moderate

Dr. Frederick’s original arthritis gloves are highly popular with their sleek, soft, and breathable composition, and open fingertips that allow you to use your phone and pick up anything you need – without slipping.

These compression gloves use your natural body heat to provide warmth and are tight enough to allow for compression on your fingers, thumbs, wrists, and other joints.

They are machine washable and come in 3 sizes. The right size will be a perfect fit and allow for heat and compression therapy while allowing you to do your daily chores pain-free and comfortable.

✅ Price – check today’s price on Walmart or Amazon

How Do Heated Gloves Relieve Hand Pain?

Well, infrared gloves work in 2 major ways:

1. Infrared Heat – infrared rays, felt as heat, are tried, tested, and proven to quickly boost blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, relax muscles and promote healing and regeneration of cells.

Electric infrared gloves use electricity to produce infrared rays and can get much hotter than non-electric gloves (making treatment more powerful and fast).

(👉 Learn exactly how infrared light therapy for arthritis works!)

2. Compression – arthritis gloves are designed to offer compression therapy as well. Compression also boosts local blood circulation, which promotes more oxygen and healing nutrients in the blood.

Thermal Compression gloves can be helpful for finger swelling and wrist joint stiffness – while relieving hand pain.

How to Use Infrared Gloves for Maximum Hand Pain Relief

First of all, when you use arthritis gloves (heat + compression) – make sure the gloves fit.

If they are too tight or too loose, you won’t enjoy all the benefits.

You have to use then for at least 8 hours a day, or you can use them when you sleep.

You probably won’t feel results if you just use them here and there.

If you use battery-operated FIR gloves, you can still use them for 8 hours or while you sleep, but from our experience with infrared therapy, you won’t need more than 2 hours twice a day – to get the full benefits.

Vibrating gloves can be used for 20-30 minutes, twice a day.

Arthritis Gloves FAQ

Do arthritis gloves really work?
7 clinical trials have proven that hand symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and swelling improve substantially when the arthritis gloves are used. However, marginal or no improvement in hand function (with the exception of grip strength) linked to the use of therapy gloves is being reported.
How long can you wear thermal compression gloves?
Most infrared arthritis gloves are designed for 8 hours of use per day/night. To get the full benefits, you should wear infrared gloves for at least 8 hours.
Who can benefit from infrared (thermal) gloves?
Anyone suffering from Raynaud’s, rheumatoid arthritis, trigger finger, carpal tunnel, neuropathy, tendonitis, and strained ligaments in the hand, causing pain, stiffness, numbness, and poor hand function.

To your health and happiness,



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