The 9 Best Infrared Therapy Devices for Neuropathy

infrared light therapy for neuropathy

Infrared light therapy for neuropathy is gaining a lot of interest in the past few years and for good reasons:

Infrared therapy devices can be very helpful and ease the lives of neuropathy sufferers – without any side effects.

Infrared rays are scientifically proven to heal and even regenerate damaged nerves and are long enough to reach deep into the tissues – all the way to muscles, nerves, and bones.

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Jump to the Best Infrared Devices for Neuropathy, including FIR foot massagers, infrared gloves, infrared socks, and infrared boots.

Professor David A. Arnall, chair of physical therapy at East Tennessee University, has lived with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy for 20 years. Arnall is a self-proclaimed professional skeptic. He believes in evidence-based medicine.

And yet:

Arnall, the skeptic, will tell anyone who will listen that infrared light therapy for Neuropathy can restore sensation and reduce neuropathic pain like nothing else.

“My neuropathies are gone”

Says Arnall.

After trying every available therapeutic option (including surgery) with no luck, he discovered infrared light therapy (LLLT), which has succeeded where all other treatments failed.

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How Does Infrared Light Help with Neuropathy?

Infrared light therapy is extensively proven to help with Neuropathy. The key to the dramatic relief LLLT brings is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a short-lived gas that is crucial to the health of your arteries.

This powerful signaling molecule relaxes the nerves, regulates blood pressure, fights free radicals, and prevents platelets from clumping together.

Infrared light therapy prompts the release of nitric oxide, which enhances blood flow and brings oxygen nutrients, and pain-relieving components – to your tissues and nerves.

red infrared light therapy for neuropathy

You experience Neuropathy when the nerves that carry messages to and from your brain and spinal cord from and to the rest of your body – are damaged or diseased.

Damage to these nerves interrupts communication between the brain and other parts of your body, can impair muscle movement, and prevent normal sensation in the arms and legs (not to mention – a lot of pain).

Sometimes numbness can be so bad you can stick a needle and it won’t hurt.

Other times it feels like someone’s hitting you with a crowbar, while at the same time passing a blowtorch across the same area.

The good news is:

No matter the cause of your nerve pain (an injury, infection, diabetes, autoimmune disease, etc.) – infrared light therapy can help (proven by the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Kanazawa University, Japan)

The Top 9 Infrared Therapy Devices for Neuropathy

Here are our top choices, followed by more options:

Infrared Therapy DeviceFeaturesPrice
QUINEAR Leg Massager with Heat
infrared foot and calf massager for neuropathy
3 Massage modes & intensities
2 Heat Settings
$82 on Amazon
Cameco Red & Infrared Foot Wrap
red light therapy foot wraps
LED light therapy wrap
Red (660nm)+Infrared (850nm)
6 treatment modes
Temperature settings
$100 on Amazon
iReliev Hand Massager

Infrared Hand Massager
Full hand coverage
6 massage modes
6 intensity levels
$99 on Amazon
Savior Heated Gloves
Battery Operated
3 heat settings'
Works in sub-zero temp.
$100-$111 on Amazon
Battery-Powered Socks
Battery Operated
Heats in 30 seconds
$64-$80 on Amazon

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on FIR sessions.

You can use infrared light therapy to speed up the healing of nerve damage and regenerate nerves at home – whenever you need it.

For example, here’s one of our top recommendations:

Infrared Leg Massager

infrared foot and calf massager for neuropathy
QUINEAR Leg Massager with Heat – $82 on  Amazon

The QUINEAR Leg Massager with Heat is an excellent Neuropathy reliever, which combines both foot and calf massage (2×2 airbags), and infrared heat (2 heat settings – up to 55 degrees Celsius!)

With 3 massage nodes, 3 massage intensities, and 2 heat settings, you can set these infrared boots (via the controller) to relieve Neuropathy pain and promote healing – in only 20 minutes of treatment daily.

And, the Quinear is one of the most stress-relieving experiences we ever tried.

Alternatively, you can get the Life Pro Leg Massager with Heat, which covers the entire leg – to the thighs, has 6 different massage modes, 3 compression intensity levels, and 2 heat settings.

It also includes an extension belt to extend the size if needed.

lifepro heated leg massager
More customizable and has extra coverage – $140 at LifePro

Here are some more great options you can choose from:

Infrared Heating Pad for Neuropathy

infrared heating pad for neuropathy
My UTK Infrared Heating Pad – $139 on Amazon

The UTK infrared heating pad is still the best value Jade heating pad on the market and is a good choice for boosting energy in your body – in larger areas.

It’s a flexible jade-stone infrared heating pad that you can wrap around any part of your body, and start enjoying the simple things in life again.

The Small Size pad is 23.5 by 16 inches, with 126 pcs of premium natural jade stones.

The jade stones emit infrared rays when heated.

Plus, the pad releases negative ions that elevate your mood and enhance your treatment.

👉 See the top-rated infrared heating pads in 2024

You can also choose a red light therapy wrap – that wraps around your aching areas and allows for direct contact with your skin:

Red Light Therapy Wrap

red light therapy wrap for neuropathy
DGYAO Red Light Therapy Pad – view on Amazon

Red light therapy wraps combine the red and invisible infrared wavelength, and due to that – they do not get as hot as far infrared heating pads.

 They are usually lightweight and more portable, some cordless, and great for travel. 

 Infrared Boots for Neuropathy

Infrared boots for neuropathy allow you to target both your feet simultaneously, inside comfy boots that deliver infrared heat via carbon fiber.

Infrared boots can Improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to the nerves and help nerves begin to carry sensations again when the cause of neuropathy is related to poor circulation.

infrared boots for neuropathy
ObboMed Carbon Fiber Warming Boots – view on Amazon

The ObboMed infrared foot warmers are powered with a low-voltage USB outlet and come with an LED indicator to show you the heat level you’ve reached – up to 109 F.

It takes 5-10 minutes to heat up.

Another great option is a red & infrared foot wrap, that uses tiny LEDs to deliver red & near-infrared wavelengths to your feet and does not get as hot as infrared boots.

red light therapy foot wraps
Cameco Red & Infrared Wrap for Feet – view on Amazon

The special design wraps around your foot comfortably, but you can’t move around with it or you’ll damage the LEDs.

The Cameco wrap has 158 dual-chip LEDs, each emitting both red light therapy (660 nm) and near-infrared (850 nm) that you can use in 6 different treatment modes, including pulsing modes. 

The controller allows you to fully customize the treatment, with temperature settings, time settings, and wavelength settings (with or without pulsing)

Its size fits most feet sizes and the 3 straps allow you to wrap it around your foot comfortably.

It’s more expensive than infrared carbon fiber boots, but it’s definitely more customizable, which is important for sensitive feet.

Infrared Foot Massager 

infrared foot massager for neuropathy foot pain
Snailax foot massager – view on Amazon

Our #1 recommendation for Neuropathy foot pain is an infrared (heated) foot massager.

Combining infrared heat and Shiatsu or Vibrating massage can reduce pain and numbing in your feet by more than 60%!

👉 See the proof and the top 7 infrared foot massagers for neuropathy!

 Rechargeable Heated Socks

battery operated heated socks for neuropathy
Sun Will Battery Operated Heated Socks – view on Amazon

Heated socks, including infrared socks and battery-operated socks, can be very helpful for Neuropathy feet.

Battery-operated heated socks can heat up really fast (usually in 30 seconds) and have far-infrared elements mainly in the front foot area and toes.

The heat stimulates blood circulation and makes them great for neuropathy and Raynaud’s disease, foot arthritis, and chronically cold feet.

Infrared socks are a lower-cost option that we mostly recommend for beginners.

Once you realize how helpful infrared technology is, you’ll be more confident about upgrading to a higher-intensity home device.

Infrared Gloves

For neuropathy hand pain we recommend electric infrared gloves, such as the Savior Infrared Gloves, that are 100% portable and work even in sub-zero temperatures:

savior heated gloves
Savior Heated Gloves – HIghest heat option – view on Amazon

The Savior battery-operated heated gloves emit infrared rays via carbon fiber fabric and heating elements and can be set to 3 different temperature settings  – optional for Arthritis and Neuropathy hand pain.

👉 See the top 6 infrared therapy gloves for Neuropathy – for more options.

Heated Hand Massagers

hand massagers for numbness in hands
iReliev Infrared Hand Massager – $99 on Amazon

If you suffer from hand numbness and pain from peripheral neuropathy, a heated hand massager can be a life changer and help boost blood circulation in your palms, fingers, and wrists and bring some amazing pain and numbness relief.

Just 10 minutes with a relaxing compression & vibration massage with heat can relieve neuropathy symptoms for most of the day, and help you use your hands normally for any work you need to do.

Is Infrared Therapy Proven to Work for Neuropathy?

According to studies and thousands of testimonials, the answer is YES.

For example, here’s one (large-scale) astounding clinical trial performed at the Department of Orthopaedics and Podiatry, University of Texas:

In 2006, 2239 people suffering from foot numbness caused by Diabetes were treated with infrared photodynamic energy.

About half of them were also suffering from Neuropathy pain (with a pain level of 7.2 out of 10).

The results of the IR treatment:

Numbing and sensation loss were improved by 66%. Pain levels were reduced by 67%.

Can you imagine their relief?

The study concluded:

“MIRE (Monochromatic Infrared Photo Energy) appears to be associated with significant clinical improvement in foot sensation and, simultaneously, a reduction in neuropathic pain in a large cohort of primarily Medicare aged, community-dwelling patients, initially diagnosed with PN. The quality of life associated with these two outcomes cannot be underappreciated”

And again:

This is just one of the many studies proving Infrared technology’s amazing ability to restore sensation and relieve nerve pain.

You can see many more studies here.

Who Can Benefit from Infrared Therapy for Neuropathy?

Infrared light therapy (also known as the cold laser) was proven effective for nerve pain and sensation loss, no matter the root cause.

This means that IR energy can help all types and root causes of Neuropathy, including:

  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Local Nerve pain
  • Facial Nerve Problems
  • Nerve pain from chemotherapy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Shingles
  • Lyme disease
  • Nerve pain from hypothyroidism
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Non-Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Idiopathic Neuropathy

Dr. Deborah Hoffman, a North Tampa chiropractor, is an avid supporter of infrared therapy treatments for Neuropathy and uses it regularly at her clinic. She claims that the first response of most of her patients is pain relief along with the warming and soothing sensation reported by her patients.


IR therapy does not only mask the pain but speeds up the healing process. You may be surprised to find that your pain or numbness is completely gone – in the long term.

Infrared Therapy Can Help Regenerate Nerves

When nerves are damaged, a natural healing process immediately starts to happen.

The problem is that sometimes the healing and regenerating happen too slowly, and the connected organ starts to degenerate before it happens.

This is where infrared light therapy helps.

In mammal studies (no human studies yet), researchers found that nerves treated with laser radiation had a significant increase in the amplitude of the action potential, which is the signal that travels through nerve fibers, compared to the injured nerves that were not treated with laser radiation.

Other studies have found that rats receiving a laser treatment had a significant improvement in nerve function and muscle strength, as well as better nerve regeneration and thicker myelin sheaths compared to control groups.

To your health and happiness,



Ishiguro M, Ikeda K, Tomita K. Effect of near-infrared light-emitting diodes on nerve regeneration. J Orthop Sci. 2010 Mar;15(2):233-9.

Improved foot sensitivity and pain reduction in patients with peripheral neuropathy after treatment with monochromatic infrared photo energy–MIRE.

The restorative effects of pulsed infrared light therapy on the significant loss of peripheral protective sensation in patients with long-term type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Improved sensitivity in patients with peripheral neuropathy: effects of monochromatic infrared photo energy.

Meital James
Founder and CEO of 4 healthy living blogs, has a background in Naturopathic medicine, research, journalism, and nutrition. Her blogs are the culmination of her thousands of hours of research and experience and all the posts are verified by scientific findings.

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  1. I am 76 diagnosed with neuropathy and nerve damage in my feet. also diagnosed with Raynauds so I have cold / hot episodes. Have done Electric Cell Stimulation Therapy with ” some success” to heal my damaged nerves. I am looking to purchase in home Infared / NIR light device that would heal my nerves permanently along with getting pain relief. I take a nerve support formula / eat a keto diet, non smoker / drinker. Too many devices on the market (confusing) want one that will actually work for my situation-can you provide one or stir me in the right direction. God bless thank you for your time and consideration/

  2. Can the wrap be used on neuropathic feet as well as disc pain in back? Can’t afford to purchase two separate devices .

  3. My husband has neuropathy in his feet a side effect of chemotherapy. He presently is having acupuncture treatments but is not improving. I came across an article on light therapy I was wondering what device you would recommend.

    • I would recommend infrared boots to boost blood circulation to the feet and legs – see these – – if he has numbness it is important to check for him that the boots don’t get too hot because he may not feel it. I would use it every day for at least 10-15 minutes. Also, I would recommend doing a full body detox to remove the toxins from chemo. I hope this helps and all the best to you :)

  4. It’s interesting to know that studies have shown photobiomodulation or infrared light therapy to help with nerve pain through promoting the release of nitric oxide to your tissues and nerves. My teenage son was born with an autoimmune disease, so perhaps he would benefit from this type of treatment. Although I appreciate you educating me on how we can do this at home, I will be more comfortable to take him to a professional for a consultation first. Thanks for this!

  5. I have bad peripheral neuropathy in both legs and feet. I have a very good light therapy kit with both blue lights and infrared lights but each time I use the kit it makes my legs so much worse, very stiff and painful. I wait a couple of days and try again and the same thing happens. I have only been doing this about two weeks and would very much like to know if I should persist and hopefully work through this, or does it mean it is a treatment that is definitely not working for me? I would be so grateful to know as I am definitely a lot worse at the moment and nobody can help me. Thank you very much.

  6. Hi.A small bone in the 5 th metatarsal snapped with the result it’s broken not far from the ankle.
    I also have a lot of pain on the big toe n under foot area
    Is it wise to use the infrared heat lamp

  7. I just started light therapy for leg and foot neuropathy.
    I seem to be improving after 4 visits to my neuropathy doctor. Since these sessions are expensive. I’m wondering what is the best home therapy machine I can buy to use at home after my 24 sessions have ended?
    Thank you

  8. I have MS related pain/cold/numbness in my left forearm and hand. This is caused by sclerosis (lesions) in my cervical spine. Should I focus the light on my hand and forearm or my cervical spine area? I own an Allisable red light.

  9. Hi,

    I have neuropathy all over my feet , legs, hands and arms.
    I also have a lot of joint pains in my hands , wrists , knees and toes.
    This is all from Lyme ..

    What do you recommend buying for my house to help ? Where can I purchase these items ?
    Thank you

  10. Due to Peripheral Neuropathy, my right foot is numb to the ankle and severe shin pain. I need a Walker as I have a loss of balance.
    What treatment and devices do you recommend?

    • I would suggest either a near-infrared heat lamp or infrared socks. However, since your foot is numb you have to be very careful with the heat because you may not feel if it’s too hot and could get a burn. I would consult with a doctor.

  11. I have Facial Neuralgia pain in Nose area
    – what light device is recommended for this?
    ( nb sunlight really soothes it)
    I’d be really interested in something portable if available.

  12. Are you the seller of these products on Amazon? It appears so according to the statements at the bottom of the page. I’ve read a book about red light therapy and am wondering if you are familiar with the Red Rush 360? If so, is it inferior to the products you offer? Why/why not? Thanks!

  13. My unit seems to not be very warm, but does gradually warm up, though never getting very warm, just mildly/moderately warm. Is that sufficient to do the job? How can I know whether it’s providing the infrared radiation my tissues need?

  14. Hello

    I have found an establishment where I can use an infra red sauna. How long should the treatment be for neuropathy at one go and how many times a week. I have very numb feet making it difficult to walk.

    Many thanks


    • I would try at least 30 minutes of infrared sauna treatments for Neuropathy – 2-3 times a week. But you have to see how you feel and listen to your body. Good luck!

      • Thank you for your reply. I omitted to ask if the treatment applies to chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy? It seems that certain treatments work on diabetic neuropathy but there are no indictations anywhere of any successful treatment for CIPN.

        • To my understanding, it doesn’t much matter the cause of the nerve damage, it works the same way. It’s proven to be able to regenerate damaged nerves. I think it’s worth a try, since it’s a gentle treatment with no long-term side effects found in the last 30 years. I hope this helps and good luck!

  15. I’m fighting a tooth infection in one of my molars, trying to avoid a root canal..

    which would be the best product to get to this area of the body? if it’s a lamp, how close do I hold it and for how long?

    thank you!

  16. Thanks for article Meital. I am trying to decide for foot, leg and hand neuropathy between dpl flex which has 40 and 20 of 660 and 880 i think it is and the revive which has more but can you tell me how deep each penetrapes? I think you say the revive has more leds. thanks.

    • Both devices penetrate to the same depth because the wavelength is similar. The more LEDs you have the more powerful the treatment will be, and of course – more treatment area will be covered. For neuropathy I would choose the Revive or the Anodyne.

  17. I have peripheral neuropathy in both hips, ankles and feet caused by extensive cancer treatment. I am not in any pain but have a loss of sensation in some toes. Despite receiving some neurophysio sessions, my condition seems to be gradually getting worse rather than better. Do you think it would be beneficial to try light therapy?

  18. I had an acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwanomma) removed in 2006. The surgery affected the occipital nerve that left me with facial pain (on 800 mg x 2 of gabapentin). Will I benefit from Infrared (LLLT) therapy? If so, where do I go (live in Woodbridge, VA)?

    • The heat can relieve your pain, yes. I don’t know about clinics, but you can try home devices as mentioned in the post. I would also try, at first, to expose your face to sunlight, when UV Radiation is low (in the afternoon or morning) and see if it relieves your pain. Infrared light is basically sunlight – without the UV radiation that can harm the skin.

  19. My mom had shingles and her pain was so bad she would get nauseated . She has had two visits to get LLLT and already feels a lot better. Today will be her third treatment! God bless who ever invented this laser for treating pain! She is 82 years old and I thought this was going to be the thing that ends her life! Now I am hopeful, Thankful!

    • I’m thrilled to hear this Susie…this is why I write this blog, I want as many people as possible to know about this amazing natural technology. I’m sire with the next treatments your mom will get even better.

  20. I have several areas that I need to take care of and don’t know which product to purchase.
    1. Ankle and 5 toes surgery both feet still painful and swollen 9 months later.
    2. These surgeries have resulted in creating a different walking pattern thus very, very tight hips/hip flexors, a little inner knee pain and some lower back pain.
    I am doing PT.
    3. Very tight neck and shoulder muscles which cause tightness in right jaw thus my jaw
    joint bone has deteriorated over time by 50%. Seen in 3D X-ray by Orthodontist.
    I was thinking two different light therapy treatments may be an option as time wise that would be faster and for targeting
    purposes as well.
    Your thoughts and suggestions?

    Thank you.

  21. My sister has draining areas on both legs. Her legs are huge and has something to do with
    lymphedema. She’s a diabetic with unrelenting pain in her feet and ankles. She has to change leg dressings twice daily..How could she benefit from this LLT with these dressings? Could it be placed over a dressing or is an open area out of the question. No one knows what to do for her.
    It’s inhumane what shes going through. Please advise.

    • I’m not a doctor and this is only my opinion: she can try and use it when she changes her dressings – for a few minutes. Also, infrared rays are experienced as heat, and the heat is able to penetrate the dressings. However, I would only do this after consulting with a doctor.

  22. I had total knee replacement 3 months ago which left me with a numb foot and pain in my knee. Can I put this on my knee with the hardware in there?

  23. Do you have a list of clinics or facilities that use the medical grade Red and Infrared Light Therapy on small fiber peripheral neuropathy pain in feet that patients could try and discuss with therapist/acupuncturist prior to purchasing in home devices? I’m not even sure what type of medical professional might utilized this equipment as part of their treatment? Would it be chiropractic, acupuncture or physical therapy clinics?
    Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.

    • I don’t have a list but you can search in Google for clinics with infrared treatments for neuropathy. I know that acupuncture professionals and physiciansuse it, not heard of many physical therapists.

  24. Raakesh Madan

    I have purchased Anodyne infrared therapy pads for my neuropathic diabetes feet.
    Could you please explain me the correct process of usage & duration of usage per day and how many days of usage will give me relief if you recommend that this therapy is really helpful.
    Your reply Will be helpful.

  25. I’ve been using this exact system since June and have not experienced much relief at all. Occasionally, right after treatment, the bottom of my feet about 15% less pain. The next morning they are painful enough that I hate to walk. I also use Rebuilder 30 minutes a day after the light treatment. My doctor says it does not matter when you apply either product; the effect is the same. Any help with this would be appreciated. My impression is that my neuropathy is not due to a lack of Nitric Oxide or only partially related.

    • Ric,
      How is your neuropathy? I have SFPN (idiopathic/autoimmune) in my feet and now progressing to my hands. I’ve just purchased the ReBuilder and purchased the REDjuvenator infrared therapy panel in November (without much benefit). I was told to put my feet directly on the REDjuvenator which seems contrary to what I’ve read in some of these posts My feet felt like that had bee scalded after using it. I first tried 5 minutes with both feet on the panel (while stretch out on sofa) and then was told to increase to 20 minutes and that pain was good it meant healing was beginning. Not sure on that one. Anyhow, just curious if you’ve found anything that helps. You stuck with this longer than I did. I did it for 8 weeks and then stopped wondering what was going on.

      • Try *Turmeric with *Black Pepper every morning for at least 2weeksand you’ll start to notice a difference.
        Add pure lemon juice for an extra boost.
        I make a tea, 2tsp. Turmeric with 1/4 tsp Black Pepper (helps absorb and transport it throughout the body)
        *Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is an added great ingredient for bioavailable too.
        Stop the extra sugar!
        Autoimmune ailments from *Leaky Gut take *Bone Broth, *Kefir.
        Seal the Gut! Don’t eat the chemicals

    • To improve blood flow (I don’t know of a nerve flow), it’s better to use the pad on your neck rather than your head. It’s generally recommended not to heat the head directly for more than 10 minutes.

  26. I’m 3 weeks out on a neck and lower face lift. I am experiencing a good amount of numbness and have access to red light facial therapy at the spa I belong to. Would this help to “wake” the nerves up quicker?
    Thank you

  27. Hi. I bought a near infrared bulb. How long should I target the heat on an area and how far away should the bulb be?

    • Pat,

      Near infrared bulb should be placed about 12 inches away from the treated area, and you can use it up to 20-30 minutes. You can play around with it until you find the best position for it to feel comfortable. Good luck!

  28. Can these medical devices be used with a pacemaker. Everytime I read a solution (such as magnets in socks) it states not recommended with a pacemaker. Please give your thoughts. Thanks.

    • I am no a doctor and I suggest your consult with yours. However, infrared light is not like magnets. Infrared wavelength is the same is the heat from the sun, without the UV rays. There should be no contradiction with pacemakers.


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